Germany seeks to work with China on climate change as Trump walks away from Paris accord

Source: Xinhua| 2017-06-02 05:51:58|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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BERLIN, June 1 (Xinhua) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged on Thursday that her country intends to work closely with China on important global issues such as climate change.

Merkel declared her intentions while attending a business event with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Berlin. Her statements came when U.S. President Donald Trump has decided to walk away from the Paris Climate Agreement.

During her speech at the event she told business delegates that she saw opportunities for the two economic powers to help "global progress together."

She also said that such a close relationship would require "special responsibility for both countries, for Germany and China - in all global issues - for example climate protection, for the prevention of violent conflicts or in international trade policy."

The German chancellor and Premier Li subsequently agreed to a broad expansion of German-Chinese relations, including the promotion of global free trade in the wake of Trump's protectionist policies and the Brexit referendum in Britain.

Both nations have also already pledged their mutual support and investment for numerous agreements such as e-mobility and innovations in both countries.

Also at the event, Li assured the delegation that China would continue to honor the 2015 Paris Agreement, which Merkel remarked was "very pleasing."

On Sunday, the chancellor told a rally in Germany that the EU can no longer rely on the United States or Britain, stating the EU "must now fight for its own future."

The EU and China have also made clear their commitment to building a stronger and closer partnership.

A joint statement concerning the upcoming summit for the Paris Climate Change agreement was released last Friday confirmed that "the increasing impact of climate change requires a strong response" and that working together was "for the good of all humanity."

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