Cuban media says Trump's new Cuba policy "archaic"

Source: Xinhua| 2017-06-17 14:11:18|Editor: xuxin
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HAVANA, June 16 (Xinhua) -- The Cuban media on Friday called U.S. President Donald Trump's new foreign policy on Cuba "regrettable" and "archaic."

Trump on Friday laid out his new Cuba policy that tightens rules on Americans traveling to Cuba and bars U.S. individuals and companies from doing commerce with Cuban businesses owned by the Cuban military.

"Perhaps the most regrettable thing is that he (Trump) has returned to the archaic language and worn litanies of the most reactionary discourse against Cuba and, above all, that he aims to subdue Cuba with conditions, which for Cubans is almost tantamount to the use of force," said an article published on the daily Juventud Rebelde (Rebel Youth), Cuba's second largest newspaper.

Trump "cares little" about what the majority of U.S. citizens, or people around the world, think, it added, referring to polls showing most Americans favor improving ties with Cuba, as does the international community.

The Cuban News Agency said Trump took "a step backward" in ties with Cuba, by adopting a "unilateral" and "interventionist" stance.

"The new measures by the Trump administration are a step backward on the path toward normalizing bilateral ties, and are charged with old anti-Cuban rhetoric," said the agency.

While the policy changes aligned Trump with hawkish Cuban-American Republicans in the U.S. Congress, Trump met with opposition from his own party.

Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican lawmaker from Arizona, said in a statement that any policy change that diminishes the ability of Americans to travel freely to Cuba "is not in the best interests of the United States or the Cuban people."

In December 2014, in the most sweeping change in Cuba-U.S. relations in five decades, then U.S. President Barack Obama announced plans to normalize ties with Cuba in a move that quickly sparked much controversy in the United States.

Since then, improvements have been made in Cuba-U.S. diplomatic, social and commercial ties, with the United States opening an embassy in Cuba and increasing flights to the country. Some U.S. businesses began expanding into the island nation for the first time in five decades.