4,000-year-old dagger found by accident in Slovakia

Source: Xinhua| 2017-08-16 11:27:52|Editor: ying
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BRATISLAVA, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- An ancient dagger almost 4,000-year-old from the Bronze Age was accidentally discovered in the town of Hlohovec in southwestern Slovakia, local media reported recently.

A fresh graduate named David found the antique by chance during a grill party near the Vah river, which runs through the town in the Trnava Region, said the Slovak Spectator, the country's English-language newspaper.

"It's a bronze blade that was a symbol of power or requirement to some status. Not everyone could afford it," said archaeologist Matus Sladok.

The dagger, still in good condition, is 24.5 cm in length and 320 grams in weight. The upper part is engraved with branches, while the bottom has three openings for the blade to attach to a stick.

Daggers on a stick are linked with the Unetice culture at the start of the Central European Bronze Age roughly 4,000 years ago. This culture today is mainly known from sites in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The riverbank where the dagger was found was probably not the original spot to place it, according to Sladok.

"It probably moved with time," he said.

Four such daggers have been known of in Slovakia until now.