Airbus Helicopters develops "Eagle" system for future vertical flight

Source: Xinhua| 2017-10-09 20:53:54|Editor: Mengjie
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BEIJING, Oct.9 (Xinhua) -- Airbus Helicopters is developing an experimental image processing management system "Eye for Autonomous Guidance and Landing Extension" (Eagle) for autonomous vertical flight, confirmed Airbus Helicopters China on Monday.

The Eagle system will perform automatic approaches and landing in challenging conditions to raise the safety of aircraft, said Airbus Helicopters.

Ground tests of Eagle began this May, and initial flights tests will begin soon, it said.

In line with innovation for the future of vertical flight, Airbus Helicopters China is readying itself for the future of sense and avoidance applications for autonomous vertical take-off and landing(VTOL) systems.

The system includes a gyro-stabilized optronics package, which integrates three high resolution cameras, processing units and on-board video analytics.

It will improve crew situational awareness and reduce pilot workload by automating approach, take-off and landing in the most demanding of environments.

Search and rescue and offshore transportation will greatly benefit from Eagle capabilities, while improving the safety, autonomy and performance of future unmanned vehicles, said Airbus Helicopters.

Airbus Helicopters is the global civil helicopter market leader, with 47 percent of market share, and the civil market leader in China with a forty percent market share.