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Shenzhou VI re-entry capsule opened

Shenzhou-6 spacecraft lands safely

Re-entry capsule of Shenzhou-6 back home

Astronauts talk with family members on ground

Shenzhou-6 spacecraft successfully takes off
World hails Shenzhou VI adventure
World and regional leaders also congratulated China yesterday on the touchdown of Shenzhou VI, its second manned spaceship. "China affirmed its place in one of the world's most exclusive clubs with the expected conclusion Monday of a second manned space flight," The Christian Science Monitor, a US newspaper based in Boston, reported yesterday.

Astronauts' safe return sparks big celebrations
The successful return of China's second manned spacecraft, Shenzhou VI, early yesterday morning let the nation heave a collective sigh of relief and celebrate a new milestone in aerospace history. In astronaut Fei Junlong's hometown Kunshan in East China's Jiangsu Province neighbours swarmed at his home and set off firecrackers to celebrate his return.

Shenzhou-6 spacecraft lands safely
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