Four stars named "goodwill ambassadors" for China-Korea Exchange Year
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- China, ROK unveil agenda for bilateral exchange year
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Photo Gallery
China, ROK leaders meet on bilateral ties, NE Asia peace
Actresses perform at Sixth S Korea Week of Shenyang
Vicki Zhao in S Korea
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Chinese, S Korean presidents greet inauguration of cultural exchange event
Chinese, ROK legislatures pledge further exchanges
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Chinese, ROK leaders attend closing ceremony of China-ROK Exchange Year
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and visiting Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Han Duck-soo attended a grand performance in Beijing on Monday evening, marking the closing of the China-ROK Exchange Year, a year-long bilateral cultural program.
China, ROK vow to enhance comprehensive partnership
China said Tuesday that strengthening the comprehensive and cooperative partnership with the Republic of Korea (ROK) conformed to the fundamental interest of the two peoples, and was conducive to regional and world peace, stability and prosperity.
- Chinese, ROK legislatures pledge further exchanges
- ROK, China to discuss six-party talks process
- China, ROK vow to develop relations
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Economic Cooperation  
Trade with ROK to get "big boost"
Trade between China and ROK is expected to reach $200 billion in five years if it keeps growing at 15 percent a year, a leading expert said yesterday, a day before Premier Wen Jiabao begins his two-day visit to the ROK.
- ROK trade with China to top $200 bln in 2012
- HK to resume poultry import from S Korea
- China becomes top destination of ROK businessmen
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Cultural Exchanges  
Chinese cultural festival opens in South Korea
The biggest-ever Chinese cultural festival, named as Experience China in South Korea 2006, opened in Seoul.
- China pledges cooperation with ROK on science, technology
- "ROK Friendship Week" to be staged in Tianjin
- China-S. Korea international wrestling to be held in NE China
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Opinions & Comments  
Ambassador: "Chinese wind" sweeping ROK
A "Chinese wind" is sweeping the Republic of Korea with more than 10,000 people visiting China each day, said ROK ambassador to China Kim Ha Joong.
- FM: Wen's visits to S.Korea, Japan success in strengthening mutual political trust
- FM: Wen's visit to S.Korea, Japan deepen feelings between peoples
- Hu Jintao's visit to strengthen ROK-Sino relations: ROK FM
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Leaders' Visits
- ROK prime minister concludes China tour
- China, ROK vow to enhance comprehensive partnership
- ROK prime minister starts China visit
- China, ROK leaders meet on bilateral ties, NE Asia peace
- ROK National Assembly speaker to visit China
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- Basic facts about South Korea
- China believes Ban Ki-Moon to play important role in UN
- Chinese, ROK presidents hold talks in Beijing
- China, ROK deepen all-round cooperative partnership
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