UN Security Council calls for swift implementation of power transfer deal in DRC

Source: Xinhua| 2017-05-05 07:13:04|Editor: xuxin
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UNITED NATIONS, May 4 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council on Thursday called upon all parties concerned to carry out a peace accord signed in December 2016 in an effective, swift and timely manner for "a peaceful transfer of power" in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

"The members of the Security Council expressed their concern at the challenges facing the implementation of the 31 December 2016 agreement, they noted that the signatories of the agreement were unable to reach a consensus on the special arrangements of the agreement signed on 27 April by some, but not all, of the signatories of the agreement," the council said in a press statement issued here.

"They called on all stakeholders to redouble their efforts to achieve a greater degree of inclusivity that would help in the resolution of the very serious problems faced by the DRC," the statement said. "They reiterated their call for a swift implementation of the agreement, in good faith and in all its components, in order to organize peaceful, credible, inclusive and timely elections, no later than December 2017, leading to a peaceful transfer of power, in accordance with the Constitution and Security Council resolution 2348 (2017)."

"To this end, the members of the Security Council called on all parties to remain committed to the agreement and the overarching objective of peaceful, credible, free, fair and inclusive elections by the end of 2017, including through the full and equal participation of women," the statement said.

"They called in that regard for the swift and inclusive establishment of a government of national unity, the Comite National de Suivi de l'Accord, the adoption of a new electoral law and the full implementation of the confidence building measures agreed in chapter V of the 31 December 2016 agreement, some of which are yet to be implemented," the statement said. "They reiterated their commitment to act accordingly regarding all Congolese actors whose actions and statements impede the implementation of the agreement and the organization of the elections."

The 15-nation Security Council continue to closely monitor the recent developments in the DRC, the statement said, adding that they have taken note of the April 7 appointment by President Joseph Kabila of a new prime minister, Bruno Tshibala.

On Dec. 31, 2016, the DRC's opposition leaders signed a deal with the party of President Kabila that will require him to step down after elections that must take place before the end of 2017.

On Jan. 4, 2017, the Security Council welcomed the comprehensive political agreement in the DRC, and called on all stakeholders to continue to exercise flexibility and compromise in their discussions to swiftly resolve all pending issues, particularly those related to the holding of elections in the country within 2017.