New limits on Chinese officials seeking new jobs

Source: Xinhua| 2017-05-28 13:47:57|Editor: Yamei
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BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese civil servants will face new restrictions when changing jobs as authorities move to prevent them from using official posts to make personal profit.

Those in leadership positions or at the county level and above will not be allowed to work in businesses or for-profit organizations related to their previous administration for three years after resignation, or undertake related profitable activities, an official document said.

Lower-level civil servants should also abide by the rules, but with a limit of just two years.

The measures were jointly announced by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and several government agencies.

Departing officials should submit their future professional plans and will have to report job changes during the restricted period. Authorities involved must strengthen supervision.

Civil service jobs are considered a stable career in China and have a high retention rate. The country had 7.17 million civil servants at the end of 2015.