Brazilian president presents defense against accusations of two crimes

Source: Xinhua| 2017-10-05 12:34:16|Editor: ZD
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RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian President Michel Temer's defense against the accusations of obstruction of justice and criminal associations was presented to the lower house of congress Wednesday.

Temer's lawyer Eduardo Carnelos criticized the charges and called them "a coup attempt."

Carnelos said the evidence against Temer is forged and only aims at deposing the president.

"This is a setup, based on forged evidence, with the clear goal to depose the president, and thus constitutes a coup attempt," the lawyer said.

The office of the prosecutor-general formally charged the president with the two crimes, but under Brazilian law, the lower house -- the Chamber of Deputies -- must allow the charges to be admitted before the case can move forward.

The case against Temer is currently in the house's Constitution and Justice Committee, to whom the defense was presented. The rapporteur of the case will elaborate and present a report, either recommending an admittance of the charges or a refusal. The report will then be submitted to a vote by the entire house.

In five house sessions, the committee will vote on the rapporteur's recommendation. After that, the report will be submitted to the full house. If the house decides to admit the charges, Temer will be immediately suspended pending trial. If the charges are not admitted, the case will be shelved until Temer leaves office.

This is the second time the house is analyzing criminal charges against Temer. The first time he was accused of corruption and the house voted to drop the charges in August.