Cultural development important in realization of “Chinese Dream”: Chinese entrepreneur

| 2017-12-07 16:50:03|Editor: Liangyu
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BEIJING, Dec. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- Cultural development is an important part in the realization of “Chinese Dream”, said a Chinese entrepreneur, at the 4th World Internet Conference, which concluded Tuesday in the east China town of Wuzhen.

Internet, as an important exchange platform for peoples around the world, has become one of the most important approaches for cultural development and communication, said Zhang Lijun, Board Chairman of V1 Group Limited, a Chinese video and telemedia service corporation.

Internet enterprises should make concerted efforts to promote cultural development, enhance spiritual power and build cultural confidence, he held.

Chinese netizens have by far reached 750 million and global netizens 3.4 billion, and Internet is also an important platform for peoples all over the world, he said.

Internet enterprises should fully leverage the advantages of Internet as a convenient tool in trans-boundary cultural exchanges and wide connectivity, said Zhang.

For shared benefits, Internet enterprises need to make joint efforts together with state-owned cultural communication units and private cultural communication institutions, he added.

Zhang noted that a comprehensive network governance system, a clean network space and a healthy network should be established for the booming of the Internet industry.