Youth leaders in Pacific told to effect positive change in their communities

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-06 16:02:59|Editor: xuxin
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SUVA, March 6 (Xinhua) -- About 20 Pacific youth leaders are attending the 6th Young Pacific Leaders Conference held on Wednesday in Suva, capital of Fiji to discuss issues like climate change that threatens their existence.

Fiji's Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Alipate Nagata urged these youth leaders to focus on the four pillars of Civic Leadership, Environment and Resource Management, Education, Economic and Social Development.

"Advocate for environment and climate, resource management, education, health and well-being and economic development which will have an impact on our social progress as a community," Nagata said.

He said Fiji and its neighbors constantly lived with the fear that one day their country would be taken by the sea.

"This is the threat of climate change which is affecting our economic and social development and giving rise to climate induced resettlement,"he said.

"While we can conclude that we have to live with climate change we must not forget that we can still drive change in our existence to alleviate this dilemma for our future generation," he added.

Nagata urged leaders that educating their own communities and helping sustain their resources should not only apply to the environment but to a wider anatomy of our communities.

He challenged young Pacific leaders to advocate for change and volunteer their time, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to stimulate the quality of life in their communities, or find ways to positively influence individuals, organizations and issues and contribute to the common good of the people.

"Young leaders, you have the energy to make change and help your peers be aware of their self-worth. Instill in them a sense of pride which will help them make good decisions about themselves and enhance their self-value," he said.

With the four-day conference aimed to generate ideas and ways to empower the young leaders, Nagata is adamant that the conference will be an opportunity for the Pacific to be part of something great, to have a voice and most importantly to make a difference through positive contributions in their respective countries.