"Gold Medal" coach Orser praises potential of young Chinese figure skaters

Source: Xinhua| 2019-05-24 22:13:11|Editor: Xiaoxia
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BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) -- World famous figure skating coach Brian Orser and his staff has wrapped up a five-day visit to Beijing on Friday after helping the Chinese Figure Skating Association train young skaters with some promising young athletes also being spotted.

"I don't know their names, but there's a junior pair team that are really quite special and there were some little ones - I don't know if they're gonna be doing pairs or if they're single skaters - but there are some young ones and they were on this session that are very promising," said the 57-year-old Canadian.

As one of the world's most successful coaching team for singles skating, Orser and his business partner Tracy Wilson have helped top-class figure skaters including Olympic gold medalists Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan, Kim Yuna of South Korea and former world champion Javier Fernandez of Spain.

In preparation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the CFSA signed a contract last year with Orser's coaching team, under which Orser and his staff will visit China periodically and take part in guiding Chinese athletes and coaching members.

The 30-member training camp finished here on Friday was the second session on the CFSA and the Orser team's plan for this summer, with most of the trainees being teenagers.

"It's all about basics and building a foundation. And we do the same thing at home with our top skaters," Orser explained. "This is the time of year to do it. And the kids have been really great. They've really been embracing our technique."

A former singles skater and twice Olympic silver medalist himself, Orser said he saw probably eight or ten skaters that have something special.

"They're young, and they've been really liking what we're doing, which to me is really important. They're smart and they're focused. I think that looks pretty good for the future," he said.

Looking beyond the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, the CFSA has scheduled a total of six sessions including the third one specially designed for the Chinese coaches, and young skaters are given even chances alongside with the elite ones.

"I think, by the time we get to Olympics, China could have a nice strong team," Orser said.

"And after the Beijing Olympics, there are some little ones here, like they were on this session and on the session before, which was even younger, there are some special talents," he added.

"So I think it would be great, if we can keep working with them and their coaches, and see them through to the next olympics."