China remains active participant in global biosecurity governance: diplomat

Source: Xinhua| 2019-12-04 00:01:22|Editor: yan
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GENEVA, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- China has always firmly supported the purposes and objectives of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and will continue to actively participate in the global governance of biosecurity, a senior Chinese diplomat said here on Tuesday.

Speaking at the 2019 Meeting of States Parties to BWC, which kicked off here on Tuesday, Li Song, China's ambassador for disarmament affairs, said that China actively puts into practice the concept of a global community of shared future for biosecurity and strives to provide public goods to the international community so as to share the development dividend of bioscience and technology.

In the field of biosecurity, he said, China has steadily pushed forward the legislative process with a view to using sound laws to ensure good governance, promoting institutional and capacity-building and more effectively implementing its international obligations, including those under the BWC.

China will work with the international community to continuously improve the universality, effectiveness and authority of the convention, deepen international cooperation on biosecurity, advance the development of multilateral biological arms control, and build a global community of shared future for biosecurity, he said.

Li also told the meeting that with the rapid development and broad application of biotechnology, the issue of biosecurity is getting more prominent in global security governance.

"While benefiting from the dividend of biotechnology development, we are also faced with daunting challenges, such as the misuse and abuse of biotechnology, weaponization of biotechnology and bioterrorism," he noted.

In the face of these profound changes, the Chinese ambassador stressed that the international community should work together to strengthen the authority and effectiveness of the convention, which he said should be the purpose of the 2019 Meeting of States Parties.