Washington governor calls for creation of clean fuel standard to cut emissions

Source: Xinhua| 2020-01-11 19:43:27|Editor: zh
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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- Governor Jay Inslee of the U.S. state of Washington on Friday urged the state's lawmakers to pass a clean fuel standard to reduce carbon pollution from transportation, in an effort to address climate change.

"The Clean Fuel Standard is the cheapest and best opportunity we have, bar none, to reduce carbon pollution from transportation at this scale," he said during a visit to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the state's primary commercial airport.

Inslee hopes the new policy could stem rising emissions from transportation, including motor vehicles and airplanes.

A recent survey by Washington State Department of Ecology showed transportation emissions accounted for 45 percent of the state's total, with aviation fuels representing about 9.5 percent of the overall emissions across the state.

"There are no other policies that do as much, with as low a cost, to reduce carbon pollution from transportation," Inslee stressed.

Washington state legislature has so far failed to pass a fuel standard, mainly due to skepticism from some lawmakers and opponents, who fear the measure could push up gas costs.

Inslee is pressing for the creation of a low carbon standard at the upcoming short session of the state legislature, which convenes next Monday.

While transportation is Washington's largest source of carbon pollution, the state can learn from other U.S. states such as Oregon and California, which "have a proven solution" by adopting a Clean Fuel Standard, he wrote on Facebook.

He noted that the new measure could increase the use of biofuels for the aviation industry, which would play a key role in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Alaska Airlines has announced its support for the policy, with the airline launching the first commercial flight partially fueled by biofuel -- made from wood waste -- three years ago.