Special online group guides indoor exercises amid epidemic

Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-04 19:43:31|Editor: huaxia

CHANGSHA, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- Recently, 33-year-old Wang Haibo has been spending several hours every day recording and editing fitness videos by himself and sending them to a WeChat group to teach the members how to train indoors.

After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, gyms and stadiums were closed, and sports enthusiasts could only stay home to exercise. Wang, the deputy secretary-general of the Hunan Physical Fitness Training Association, decided to call together the coaches from the association to provide free online professional guidance to people on exercising at home.

A WeChat group called "Online Teaching for Basic Physical Training" was established on January 26, attracting nearly 200 people to participate immediately, and the number is still increasing. Members are divided into four categories: zero basis, regular practice, optimized and advanced, so as to facilitate the coaches as they answer individual questions.

The fitness coaches in the group are all accredited by the association, covering a wide range including fitness, gymnastics, triathlon and football. Zhang Zhuo, world champion of trampoline is also on the service.

"We have several coaches each day recording a video on different topics to post, such as core strength and injury prevention." Pi Tao, a 25-year-old physical fitness coach for the Hunan women's football team, is one of the founders of the group.

He said the coaches' teaching plans and answers to the questions are also put on a service account for more people to learn from.

To make the content easily understood, in the few days since the WeChat group was founded, the coaches have not taught themselves editing, adding music and subtitles. It usually takes them two hours to make a video that takes less than two minutes.

Any equipment needed can be replaced at home. "A bottle of mineral water can be used for dumbbells, a grapefruit can be used as pot bells, and a bag of rice can be used as barbells," Pi said. "You can exercise as long as you want."

"The fitness groups I joined before have now become 'chat groups', but the atmosphere here is completely different," said Liu Fangyan, who started to exercise four years ago, and entered the group immediately after its establishment.

"Due to my laziness, I always need supervision," Liu said.

On January 30, the General Administration of Sport of China issued the "Notice on Promoting Scientific Exercise Methods at Home". In addition to Wang and Pi's team, sports professionals of Hunan have also taken action. Hunan Sports Bureau and local media have jointly launched online teaching to guide people to exercise at home.