Feature: Dispatched nurse eager to become marathon competitor after epidemic

Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-13 16:40:45|Editor: huaxia

By Sportswriter Yao Youming

XI'AN, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Feng Fen, a nurse from Shaanxi province who was sent to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, hoped she could race in the local marathon after the epidemic.

The 2020 Xi'an Qujiang Half Marathon, scheduled for March 22, has been postponed due to the epidemic while Feng is now working in epicenter Wuhan as one of over 20,000 doctors and nurses transferred there from all over the country.

Feng, a nurse at No.9 hospital in Xi'an, was on duty when the government started to mobilize the medical staff nationwide to support the fight against the virus outbreak in Wuhan during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.

The 47-year-old volunteered to go and rushed to Wuhan with her collogues on the second day of the holiday, joining the epidemic prevention, control, and treatment of patients.

"I'd like to leave the limited spring festival holiday to my younger collogues. So I asked to come to Wuhan to fight against the coronavirus," she said.

In Wuhan No.9 hospital, Feng was asked by a patient whether she was afraid.

"A patient asked me whether I was afraid when facing those infected, I told her that I wouldn't be here if I was in fear," Feng said.

She asked the patients to collaborate with the medical team in order to get rid of the virus as early as possible. "We will fight together," Feng said.

Wearing a full gear including the mask, the protective suit, gloves and gowns, Feng felt fatigued after finishing her workload each day.

In her journal, Feng wrote, "My face suffered an injury after pressed long by the mask and goggles. It was painful at the beginning and it feels numb now. I need to disinfect my nose and external auditory canal before going to sleep."

Despite all the difficulties, Feng felt her job was rewarding.

According to the National Health Commission, the proportion of patients who recovered from the novel coronavirus pneumonia in China has increased to 10.6 percent on Tuesday from the lowest 1.3 percent on Jan. 27.

"Although we are tired, we are very happy when seeing the patients who recovered and left the hospital. The patients' recoveries and their positive evaluations are our biggest motivation," Feng said.

As a marathon runner, Feng suggested the sports enthusiasts do some indoor exercises, in order to develop immunity against the virus.

"The marathon amateurs can train their flexibility or build up their core muscles' powers during the period. While running on the spot and swinging your arms on the spot are suitable under the condition," Feng said.

"We won't allow the virus to plague on our beauty home soil. I think I will be back after the epidemic. I will wander along the Yangtze river, I must be impressed by the outstanding view in the city at that time," Feng said in her diary.

On Thursday, many runners asked the Xi'an Qujiang half marathon organizers to enter Feng directly instead of having her go through the lottery pick.

"What's more, we should give her a heroic welcome before the year's race," said a netizen named "Bridges".