Commentary: Don't point the finger, work with China instead to fight virus

Source: Xinhua| 2020-04-17 20:48:21|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhua) -- The city of Wuhan on Friday revised its numbers of total confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, bringing them up to 50,333 and 3,869, respectively, as of the end of April 16.

A small number of overseas media outlets jumped at the chance to monger their conspiracy theory of China's cover-up. But their rumors and smearing pale in the face of facts.

Friday's revisions demonstrated once again that China is open, transparent and truthful about the epidemic. The "cover-up" conspiracy theory does not hold ground.

The revisions were done following the principle of being responsible for history, the people and the deceased, showing China's respect for every single life and its adherence to facts.

These are not just figures but our blood-and-flesh fellow Chinese. The purpose to verify and revise the figures is to better commemorate them and mourn them.

The Western media and politicians who like spreading rumors about China do not understand, or simply are not willing to admit, that China has managed to find success in curbing the epidemic in a relatively short time and saving a lot of people from infection or even death.

The reason behind the success is simple: China always places people's lives and health first. The country has spared no efforts to save every single individual infected with the virus.

China's strong measures include nationwide mass mobilization, society-wide outbreak control, marshaling national resources to the hard-hit region, and tapping the strength of traditional Chinese medicine.

At present, the world should focus on fighting the pandemic with solidarity and cooperation. The obsession of a small number of overseas media and politicians to bad-mouth China out of nothing shall end.

Faced with a common enemy, the world must dispel discrimination and work together toward an early victory in this anti-virus war. Enditem