National security legislation won't undermine HK's existing judicial system: HK legal professionals

Source: Xinhua| 2020-06-30 23:48:44|Editor: huaxia

***Highlights: National security legislation is urgently needed, and it won't undermine Hong Kong's existing judicial system or conflict with common law, say legal professionals in the city. #nationalsecurity ***Subtitles & Soundbites: Legal professionals say national security legislation for HKSAR will not undermine existing judicial system They hope it could be implemented as soon as possible SOUNDBITE 1 (Chinese): WILLY FU, Executive Council Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation "We can see clearly that our country is resolute in the legislation and, in the meantime, it has taken into full consideration the actual situation in Hong Kong and the differences between it and the mainland. It also shows (central government's) full trust in Hong Kong." SOUNDBITE 2 (Chinese): ELSIE LEUNG, Former secretary for justice of HKSAR government "There are no crimes of secession or subversion in common law. In the past 12 months, some activities aimed at secession and subversion were actually of terrorist nature, which were very influential and destructive. Therefore, legislation is needed. When it comes to collusion between foreign and local forces, there are also legal loopholes. So legislation is urgently needed." SOUNDBITE 3 (Chinese): LAWRENCE MA, Executive Council Chairman of Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation "Hong Kong should have enacted laws on its own under Article 23 of the Basic Law, but it remains unfulfilled even after 23 years, which leaves a legal void. As a result, activities against government and authorities, and those aimed at subverting the central government were not punished. Now it's time to fill the legal loophole so that, in the future, any attempts to harm national security will constitute a criminal offence." The legislation takes into account characteristics of common law SOUNDBITE 4 (Chinese): WILLY FU, Executive Council Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation "National security is the jurisdiction of the central authorities, and the central government has authority and responsibility to establish an office of safeguarding national security in the HKSAR. Its staff will abide by the national and Hong Kong laws to perform their duty of safeguarding national security. In the meantime, it's duties include supervising, guiding, coordinating and supporting the regional government in implementing its duties." SOUNDBITE 5 (Chinese): ELSIE LEUNG, Former secretary for justice of HKSAR government "It specifically provides that law enforcement to safeguard national security cannot infringe upon the legitimate rights enjoyed by natural persons, legal persons and other organizations. This is quite consistent with the protection of human rights and freedom under Chapter III of the Basic Law." SOUNDBITE 6 (Chinese): IP CHUN YUEN, Hong Kong lawyer "I hope the law will be enacted and implemented as soon as possible so that the opposition or 'Hong Kong Independence' forces will disappear from Hong Kong as soon as possible."