Feature: Locals in N Namibia hail Chinese food donations amid COVID-19 pandemic

Source: Xinhua| 2020-07-05 20:17:07|Editor: huaxia

By Ndalimpinga Iita

WINDHOEK, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Benevolent efforts of the Chinese business community in the northern part of Namibia are helping locals meet nutritional needs amid COVID-19 pandemic.

At Oshikango town in the northern part of Namibia, Elly Ndapewa served her family a meal. On the menu were some of the items donated by the Chinese business community in Oshikango in June this yearly.

"The food items from the Chinese business community are helping relieve hunger, and meet our nutritional needs," Martin said on Sunday.

Ndapewa is one of the beneficiaries of the 760 love packages worth some 117,350 Namibian dollars (about 7,000 U.S. dollars) donated by the Chinese business community in the area.

According to Ndapewa, she was struggling to make ends meet following an economic disruption due to COVID-19 outbreak. Hence, the donation came at the right time.

"Not only did the donated items enrich our household food basket, but it also brought relief to our pockets. I was able to divert the money initially intended for food to cover other needs," she said.

Jacky Gao, a representative of the Chinese business community in Oshikango, said the donation of the 760 love parcels is a demonstration of care to locals.

"About 69 Chinese businesses voluntarily contributed to the Oshikango charity drive. Each donation is love," he said.

According to Gao, the charitable efforts are also in response to the Chinese embassy's call for "Caring for Namibia is caring for ourselves" drive.

Ndapewa is not the only pleased beneficiary. Chinese aid has also inspired a culture of sharing in the community, said Erastus Martin, another beneficiary.

According to Martin, the donated food was shared with neighbors.

"When we cooked our first meal, we called the neighbor's children to indulge in the meals with us," he said.

Meanwhile, more locals have hailed the Chinese business community for coming to their aid.

At Ondangwa, for Ruusa Shilongo, a pensioner, the donation would see that her grandchildren are well-fed. "My pension is also able to go much farther," Shilongo said.

Then again, it is more than that for the pensioner. According to her, the 150 parcels donated by the Chinese business community in Ondangwa town in the northern part of Namibia serves as a counsellor.

"It is not only about receiving the physical items, but the joy and smile it brings to know that someone thought of us. It is comforting to know someone cares," she said.

It is the joy that community members would exude that inspired the Chinese business community to donate the items in the first place.

Jiang Bo, from a Chinese chamber of commerce and industry, said the food parcels were given to empower the elderly to meet their nutritional needs and enhance their livelihoods.

Accordingly, local leaders have hailed the Chinese business community in the northern regions for extending care and showing concern to locals.

Eliaser Nghipangelwa, Mayor of Helao Nafidi Town Council, commended Chinese business community in Oshikango for demonstrating love towards Namibian people in difficult times.

Elia Irimari, governor of Oshana region, said that the effort by the Chinese business community in the northern part of Namibia is timely, and aids government efforts in addressing socio-economic challenges.

In the interim, Gao said the Chinese community in Namibia is committed to helping empower communities to reach their full potential and enhance livelihoods. Enditem