1st Iranian supermarket opens in Venezuela's capital

Source: Xinhua| 2020-07-31 21:57:58|Editor: huaxia

TEHRAN, July 31 (Xinhua) -- Iran's defense ministry said the Etka Company affiliated with the ministry opened Iran's first supermarket in Venezuela's capital Caracas, Tasnim news agency reported Friday.

The supermarket, called Megasis, offers more than 2,500 Iranian products, including food, clothing, detergents, plastic and disposable products, nuts and even tractors.

It was built on a land of 20,000 square meters with the purpose of boosting the production and export of Iranian commodities.

Megasis also fills a massive warehouse in eastern Caracas, a cross between Home Depot and Costco, according to Tasnim.

In remarks about the opening of the Iranian supermarket, the Iranian ambassador to Venezuela said good relations between Iran and Venezuela are what "counter" U.S. pressures against both states.

Iranian Golsan ship unloaded its cargo of food and medical supplies at Venezuela's northern port of La Guayra on June 21 to supply the Iranian supermarket, said Tasnim.

Iran has sent five gas tankers to Venezuela over the past months amid the shortage of fuel supply in the Latin American country under the U.S. sanction pressures. Enditem