China Focus: China's "Clear Your Plate" campaign gaining steam online

Source: Xinhua| 2020-08-15 00:01:35|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- A nationwide "Clear Your Plate" campaign against wasting food is gaining steam online in China.

Social media users are invited to share photos or videos of empty plates after finishing their food on Weibo, a popular social media platform, where fighting food wastage is among the hottest topics.

Media outlets, government agencies, social organizations and internet influencers have joined the online relay of messages against wasting food, which is warmly met by internet users.

"Do not waste a grain of food," read a Weibo post by People's Daily, which has recently launched an "Empty Plate Challenge" online jointly with Weibo. "The 'Clear Your Plate' campaign has become the trend of the day!"

"Labor is most glorious, and food wastage is most shameful," wrote a Weibo user in a comment.

Food wasted by Chinese consumers each year is sufficient to feed millions of individuals for a year, according to data widely-circulated through social media posts.

Diners are advised to order no more food than they can consume.

"I cleared my plate and had no leftovers," wrote Wei Daxun, a young Chinese actor, in a Weibo post with two photos of three empty plates.

As of Friday evening, the "Clear Your Plate" campaign, with the hashtag #GuangPanXingDong, has generated around 870,000 posts and 550 million views on the platform.

Friday also saw rising criticism online over eating shows that encourage wasting food.

A Weibo post by the CCTV broadcaster that targets practices of eating extravagantly, pretending to be big eaters, but ending up vomiting off camera earned 210 million views.

Online shows and live-streaming services have been instructed to ban shows encouraging food-wasting behaviors, the China Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) said Friday.

A CAPA notice reminded anchors of food-related live-streaming shows to avoid pursuing excessive entertainment and wasting food to attract viewers' attention.

Some of China's major live-streaming platforms have vowed to prohibit such performances.

China's restaurant industry will also step up efforts to stop food wastage and promote thrift, according to a proposal jointly issued by several associations in related sectors, including the China Cuisine Association and the China Hospitality Association.

Catering firms and restaurants are urged to create an environment in which consumers are reminded of not wasting food.

They are also encouraged to make adjustments to promote moderate consumption while meeting the demand of customers.

Menus of catering enterprises and take-out platforms should be as specific as possible in facilitating customer orders and avoiding food wastage due to misunderstanding, according to the proposal. Enditem