Interview: Xi's proposal can become agenda for future UN work, says Syrian expert

Source: Xinhua| 2020-09-26 14:01:52|Editor: huaxia

DAMASCUS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- The four-point proposal made by Chinese President Xi Jinping in his recent address to the United Nations (UN) is important and can become the agenda of the world body's future work, Syrian political expert Ghassan Youssef has said.

At a high-level meeting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the UN on Monday, Xi made a four-point proposal on the development of the UN and its role in the post-COVID-19 era.

The UN must stand firm for justice, uphold the rule of law, promote cooperation and focus on real action, said Xi.

"To put into practice the principle of multilateralism, we must act, not just talk," said Xi.

Youssef said the first point on justice "is the most important principle that President Xi has called for."

"All nations in the UN call for justice, being respected in terms of their sovereignty and independence and having equal rights with other nations, and this principle exists in the UN Charter," he said.

On the rule of law, the expert noted that while the United States encroaches on international law particularly when it does not fit the country's interests, other major countries should uphold the international order based on international law.

The third point Xi proposed on cooperation refers to cooperation among countries, which is the foundation of the UN, Youssef said.

Such cooperation must be through confronting the common challenges of humanity and maintaining a non-conflict policy, he said.

"We must focus on what President Xi said about replacing collusion, coercion and ridicule with dialogue, consultation and the pursuit of benefit for all," he said.

China does not impose its views on anyone nor have aggressive intentions against anyone. Rather, it emphasizes the necessity of gain for all and the pursuit of benefit for all countries and peoples of the world, he added.

On Xi's proposal on real action, Youssef said China always seeks multilateralism and has become an effective factor in reform.

Xi's stress on the UN Charter as an important guarantee of world peace and development also makes a good point, as certain major countries have gone against the Charter and repeatedly attempted to pressure developing countries, he said.

This is a multi-polar world in which no single major country should be singled out, he added. Enditem