China's development experience pioneering and inspiring, say experts

Source: Xinhua| 2020-10-15 21:40:23|Editor: huaxia

CAIRO, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese development experience is pioneering and inspiring and could be applied in Egypt, experts said in a symposium held on Wednesday in Cairo.

"The Chinese respectable model of development could be learned in other countries, and is very suitable for the Egyptian character in ground of application," said Diaa Helmy, secretary-general of Cairo-based Egyptian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, at the symposium entitled "Chinese experience in the 21st century."

Helmy said that China seeks to achieve development and win-win interests in general, noting that Chinese people are one of the pillars of China's success due to their commitment to work and desire to make a contribution to the country.

Referring to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, he said it will cause "effective changes" in the world at economic and social levels.

Trade and economic cooperation with China will benefit the countries that desire development, as China deals with the world according to the principle of mutual benefits, the expert in Chinese affairs said.

He hailed the Chinese capabilities in lifting hundreds of millions of its people out from the under-poverty line, adding that experience is the most relevant to Egypt.

According to official statistics, more than 850 million Chinese people have been lifted out of extreme poverty over the past seven decades which has contributed to more than 70 percent of the world's progress in combatting poverty.

The "Report on the Work of the Government" released in May revealed that China has pledged to eliminate extreme poverty this year.

Meanwhile, Helmy hailed China's progress in the fields of technology and innovation, calling it the result of 50 years of hard work.

Helmy said the Chinese experience in fighting COVID-19 is the most successful in the world because it contained the virus in a very short period.

Mahmoud Badran, another expert on Chinese affairs, said "the gathering also seeks to apply the Chinese unique model of success by taking similar measures in the sectors of substructure and giant projects."

He described the relations between Egypt and China as historical, which have been highly promoted in the recurrent visits by both leaders.

"Egyptian-Chinese ties see unprecedented leap that could be mirrored in the giant Chinese investments in Egypt and the successful performance of the Chinese companies operating in Egypt," Badran added. Enditem