Commissioner's office of Chinese foreign ministry in HKSAR condemns "Five Eyes" for groundless accusations against Chinese top legislature's decision

Source: Xinhua| 2020-11-19 18:44:37|Editor: huaxia

HONG KONG, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- The office of the commissioner of the Chinese foreign ministry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Thursday strongly condemned "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance for groundless accusations against the decision by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) on the qualification of HKSAR Legislative Council (LegCo) members.

A spokesperson of the office said the alliance's statement concerning Hong Kong is an arbitrary interference in Hong Kong affairs, which are China's internal affairs.

It is a universal principle of political ethics that holders of public office, lawmakers vested with legislative power in particular, shall uphold constitutional laws and pledge allegiance to their home countries, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that it is also a common practice worldwide to require an oath of allegiance, set out the qualifications of lawmakers and ensure their national identity and political loyalty through legislation.

The spokesperson pointed out that as the qualification of LegCo members of the HKSAR concerns how the related decision of the Standing Committee of the NPC, Article 104 of the Basic Law and the interpretation of it, and the national security law in the HKSAR shall be understood and implemented.

As the HKSAR government could not decide on its own, it is reasonable, legitimate and constitutional that the Standing Committee of the NPC, the Chinese top legislature, deals with such constitutional issues at the central level with indisputable authority, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson emphasized that the decision is a necessary step to uphold and improve "one country, two systems" and implement the Basic Law and the national security law in the HKSAR, and a just effort to maintain the rule of law and constitutional order.

Instead of eroding the high degree of autonomy of the HKSAR, the decision will only protect it under the premise of "one country" and Hong Kong people with patriots as the mainstay governing Hong Kong, the spokesperson said.

Instead of undermining Hong Kong's democracy and its people's rights and freedoms, the decision will only keep anti-China troublemakers in check in Hong Kong and better safeguard the lawful rights and interests and well-being of the majority of Hong Kong people, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said no one is more earnest and determined than the Chinese government to fully and faithfully implement "one country, two systems", or more concerned about Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and its people's rights and well-being, stressing that Hong Kong's international rankings for freedoms, the judicial system and the rule of law have all surged since its return to the motherland, and its people are enjoying unprecedented rights and freedoms under the law.

The spokesperson emphasized that the Sino-British Joint Declaration is essentially about China's resumption of its exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong and arrangements for the transitional period, and no single word or clause in the document, which has altogether eight paragraphs and three annexes, grants Britain any responsibility to Hong Kong after its return, still less any right to meddle with Hong Kong affairs.

Britain has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or the right to supervise Hong Kong, and likewise other countries are in no position to make unwarranted comments about Hong Kong affairs on the pretext of the Joint Declaration, the spokesperson said, noting that the allegation that China has breached international commitments is simply unjustifiable.

The spokesperson said that peace, development and win-win cooperation are the trend of the times and the right way forward, and urged the relevant countries to immediately stop applying double standards, provoking ideological clashes, or forming small circles with a Cold War mentality.

China is rock-firm in safeguarding its national sovereignty, security and development interests, and any foreign pressure or coercion in a bid to force China to tolerate damage to its national sovereignty, security and development interests is doomed to be futile and self-defeating, the spokesperson said. Enditem