Pic story: disabled man and his livestreaming career

Source: Xinhua| 2020-12-04 17:06:24|Editor: huaxia

Sun Yahui's mother helps him get dressed at home in Yangzhuang Village of Xinxiang, central China's Henan Province, Dec. 2, 2020. "Hi, everyone! Today I'm gonna show you how to dig lotus roots in my uncle's village." As a new day began, Sun Yahui set the cellphone ready with his left limb and started his livestreaming. Sun Yahui, 26, lost both arms and got paralyzed due to electrical injury 4 years ago. "I thought I was useless." The accident left injury on his body and emotional scars on his mind. To treat his wounds, Sun's parents spent all savings and borrowed as much money as they could. The family was registered as an impoverished household. Sun did not want to be a burden and forced himself to cheer up and receive recuperation trainings. Later, Sun accidentally found livestreaming on Taobao, which casts a beam of light into his life. In 2019, he registered himself a livestreamer and named his channel "Be Someone Useful". He moves a mouse with his impaired limbs and types with a chopstick in his mouth. With his efforts, he has 25,000 followers now, provides over 20 types of consumer goods and receives up to hundreds of orders one day. As his livestreaming career goes on, Sun Yahui has become much cheerful and found hope again. "It seems like that I have been endowed with a pair of invisible hands." In 2020, Sun Yahui's family shook off poverty. Meanwhile, he has a new plan: "I want to initiate a cooperative in my village, so we can show my followers all the special agricultural products online, so as to boost villagers' income. A lot of people helped me, and I would like to return the favor." (Xinhua/Li An)

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