Vocational training cultivates dreams, fortunes for Tibetans

Source: Xinhua| 2020-12-12 18:27:21|Editor: huaxia

Through vocational training, young Tibetan farmers and herders, who are no longer tied to the land thanks to modern farming equipment, have chosen to pursue their own interests and secure jobs with higher incomes, thus changing their lives with their own hands. According to the regional government, Tibet has more than 10 public vocational institutions, with at least one in each prefectural area. Private schools and colleges are also mushrooming in the region to meet the rising demand for vocational training. Vocational schools are also organized to train impoverished farmers and herders, equipping them with skills to earn a comfortable living. According to the human resources and social security department of the regional government, Tibet has poured 386 million yuan into 724 training projects since 2016, mainly aimed at poverty-stricken counties. The projects cover fields such as carpentry, agricultural machinery maintenance, welding, sewing, cooking and wool processing. A total of 112,900 residents have benefited from the projects, including 78,500 impoverished people. In mid-October, Tibet Autonomous Region announced that it had accomplished the historic feat of eradicating absolute poverty, with the average annual net income of poor residents rising from 1,499 yuan in 2015 to 9,328 yuan in 2019. Qizhala, chairman of the regional government, said vocational education and skill training have been welcomed by farmers and herders, who have seen an increasing proportion of their income come from skilled labor.