Chinese cold-chain businesses ensure food safety amid COVID-19

Source: Xinhua| 2020-12-22 16:16:30|Editor: huaxia

Chinese cold-chain food producers and sellers are taking strict measures to ensure food safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. China has put in place strict measures to prevent COVID-19 infections via cold-chain and frozen foods. The measures include strict testing and disinfection at customs, the protection of workers throughout the shipment chains, regular nucleic acid testing for workers in the shipment sector and the inoculation of high-risk groups. Regular nucleic acid testing could detect infections at an early stage and helps nip an outbreak in the bud. According to epidemiologists, infections are possible only when the foods or cargoes shipped via the cold chain are heavily contaminated by the virus and people are in contact with them repeatedly for a long period of time. Recent sporadic infections in China were mostly among cold-chain workers.