Pic story: people's policeman and his "last" police day

Source: Xinhua| 2021-01-10 08:09:12|Editor: huaxia

Qiao Zhibing(R) holds a child at a residential area in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province, Jan. 8, 2021. January 10, 2021 marks China's first Chinese People's Police Day, but for Qiao Zhibing, a 59-year-old policeman from Jiangxi Street Police Station of Wuhou District Branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, it will be his "last" police day as he will retire at the age of 60 in June this year. As the Chinese People's Police Day approaches, colleagues from the police station held a small farewell forum for him to thank him for his hard work for public security over the past decades. Qiao Zhibing was among the first batch of people's police to be recruited by Chengdu since China's reform and opening up. In his 38-year-career, he has been engaged in many posts such as household registration police, public security police, back office police and community police. He was unfortunately involved in a car accident when he was on a shift mission, resulting in fracture of the femoral neck of the right leg hip joint and patellar resection of the knee joint. Dragging his limp legs, Qiao takes Yang Duo, a young policeman who is about to succeed him, to learn about the situation in the area under their jurisdiction and bid farewell to the residents he has helped in the past decades. "If I were 22 years old again, I would still choose to be a people's policeman!" Qiao Zhibing said. (Xinhua/Wang Xi)

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