Across China: Chinese COVID-19 therapies prove effective in NE China

Source: Xinhua| 2021-01-17 22:39:22|Editor: huaxia

SHENYANG, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- Over its year-long fight against COVID-19, China has found effective therapies to tackle the virus.

In Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, a 95-year-old patient whose symptoms were once severe has recovered following treatment in the Liaoning COVID-19 Treatment Shenyang Center. She was moved to a rehabilitation ward on Wednesday for further medical observation.

In consideration of her underlying diseases including coronary heart disease, the hospital adopted convalescent plasma therapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), said Wu Yunhai, head of the center.

Wu and his medical team also provided post-disease rehabilitation and extra daily care for the patient.

Many recent COVID-19 patients in Shenyang have been treated with TCM, according to local health authorities.

In the port city of Dalian, a mother and her 3-month-old infant underwent special medical treatment after being confirmed as locally transmitted COVID-19 cases. In addition to regular treatment, the mother was also offered a tailor-made TCM herbal decoction to guarantee daily breastfeeding.

Under proper care, both mother and baby recovered from the disease and they were discharged from hospital on Jan. 6.

Benefiting from the combination of TCM and Western medicine, 14 cases in Shenyang and over 70 percent of current cases in Dalian had been discharged from hospitals by Jan. 13. Most patients have had their symptoms effectively relieved, according to the provincial health commission.

TCM has significantly reduced the incidence rate, prevented cases with mild symptoms from worsening, increased the cure rate, and lowered the fatality rate, according to a white paper titled "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action," issued in June by China's State Council Information Office.

Ma Xiaochun, a member of the National Health Commission expert team, explained that differing from one-size-fits-all therapy, TCM medicines are based on the different symptoms and specific conditions of individual patients. "The tailored therapy can bring better effects," Ma added.

Ma noted that for elderly patients, especially for those with poor cardiac function, psychological counseling is crucial to help them feel relaxed and speed up their recovery.

The province has also eased the financial burden for patients. For those with basic medical insurance, all medical and accommodation expenses caused by COVID-19 have been fully paid by governmental funds.

"We are striving to cure every patient, and will never give up," Ma said. Enditem