GLOBALink | Wuhan back in business

Source: Xinhua| 2021-04-12 11:48:55|Editor: huaxia

For many months last year, the eyes of the world were on Wuhan as the coronavirus took hold. But there's much more to the central Chinese city than that. It's the biggest city in the middle of China and the features of the city can be revealed by looking at the spelling of its name.

W is for water. Wuhan is nicknamed "the city of rivers" because the Yangtze and the Han rivers meet here. The city is also noted for its lakes. Water makes up one quarter of its territory.

U is for university. With a university student population of 1.3 million, yes you heard that right, 1.3 million students, Wuhan is the largest college town in the world.

H is for high technology. Optical fibre, biotech, lasers, smartphones, they are all developed in Wuhan. The city is a high-tech hub and home to legions of top firms such as Pfizer, Microsoft, Huawei and Xiaomi.

A is for automobile. Wuhan is one of China's "motor cities." 1 out of every 10 of the vehicles on the road in China is made here. General Motors, Honda, PSA Group and Dongfeng all have big manufacturing plants in Wuhan.

N is for noodle. The hot dry noodles soaked in sesame paste known by the locals as "reganmian" (or hot dry noodles) are as much a trademark of Wuhan as spaghetti is in Rome or hamburgers in the U.S. During the coronavirus outbreak, the noodles became a symbol of solidarity. People all over China were cheering on the hot dry noodles.

Also, H is for hero. Wuhan went through a tough time with the epidemic. Now, with precious help from health worker heroes from all over the country and a concerted effort from its citizens, the city has regained its vitality and is steaming ahead.

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