Xinhua Commentary: Tesla needs to learn respecting Chinese consumers

Source: Xinhua| 2021-04-23 21:47:27|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, April 23 (Xinhua) -- Tesla's controversial reaction this week to a Chinese customer's brake complaint at the Shanghai Auto Show is a timely call for foreign enterprises to treat local consumers with sincerity and respect.

Customers are at the core of a company's business. Tesla said it will not compromise on unreasonable demands. But when it comes to driving safety and product quality, no demands are "unreasonable" because human lives are at stake.

Tesla has become aware of its inappropriate remarks. On Thursday, it provided the related authorities with data of the consumer's car for further investigation.

In an apology, it has also promised to respect its customers, abide by China's laws and regulations, and actively cooperate with all government investigations. Accomplish the aforementioned and Tesla can still win back the confidence of the Chinese public.

Over the past decades, China has further opened up its market, improved its domestic business environment, and embraced all law-abiding foreign companies to share the country's development opportunities.

Tesla's electric cars have become rather popular among Chinese consumers. It needed less than a year to complete its gigafactory in Shanghai when construction began in 2019, moving the company closer to its Chinese fans.

Tesla, in some sense, now becomes a model for foreign carmakers to set up wholly owned subsidiaries in China. It's unfortunate the incident that triggered online and off-line indignation in China occurred not far from its plant.

Perhaps the incident can teach the U.S. carmaker a lesson that its success in China is not a matter of course, but should be earned with quality products and service.

China is a country under the rule of law, and the malfunctioning brake episode is currently under investigation. The facts will speak for themselves.

In the meantime, a more open China will continue to embrace all law-abiding foreign investors, and continuously improve its domestic business environment underpinned by a sound and effective legal framework.

As long as foreign enterprises serve their customers with respect and sincerity, and abide by China's laws and regulations, there's no need for them to worry about their future in China. Enditem