Britain's cyberattack accusation against China sheer fabrication, slander: Chinese embassy

Source: Xinhua| 2021-07-20 19:39:21|Editor: huaxia

LONDON, July 20 (Xinhua) -- A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Britain on Tuesday expressed grave concern about and strong opposition to the accusation made by the British side against China over alleged cyberattacks.

Responding to a question about a press release by Britain's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office which said Britain joins likeminded partners to confirm Chinese state-backed actors were responsible for gaining access to computer networks via Microsoft Exchange servers, the spokesperson said such accusation is "sheer fabrication and slander."

"We call on the UK side to immediately stop echoing the groundless and irresponsible accusation against China," the spokesperson said.

China is a staunch defender of cyber security and a main victim of cyber thefts and attacks, the spokesperson said, noting that in February alone, 830,000 computers with IP addresses in China suffered unknown attacks, 70 percent of which came from abroad.

The United States has long been engaging in practices of large-scale, organized and indiscriminate cyber theft, surveillance and attacks against foreign governments, enterprises and individuals, the spokesperson said, citing well-known cases of WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, Crypto AG and information theft on heads of state of European countries.

"If the UK side is serious about cyber security, it should not be indifferent toward, and still less an accessory to, such abuse of technological advantage and unscrupulous, large-scale and indiscriminate tapping and stealing of secrets against countries across the world, including its allies," the spokesperson said.

On cyber security issues, Britain and a handful of other "likeminded countries" are applying double standards and playing the trick of a thief crying "stop thief," the spokesperson added.

Cyber security is a global issue which concerns the common interests of all. China has always been open and honest on cyber security and is always ready to work with all parties to build up a community of shared cyber security for everyone, the spokesperson said. Enditem