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Innovations and Successes

Xinhuanet.com has been exploring the law governing Internet publicity, upholding the principles of keeping pace with the times and giving top priority to innovations and steadily improving the appeal, influence and competitiveness of network reporting. Since its establishment, Xinhuanet.com has always attached utmost importance to its content, made full use of Xinhua News Agency's comprehensive advantages and persisted in taking news as the mainstay. As a result, its page views have been rising steadily.

So far, Xinhuanet.com has increased its channels to 40, including "News Center", "Live Broadcast Online", "International Scan", "Government Online", "Personnel Changes", "Business", "Securities", "Sports", "Education", "IT", "Science & Technology", "Health", "Reading", "Campus", etc.

  Top Channels:

News Center:Providing in an authoritative and timely manner reports on major events at home and abroad in such areas as politics, economy, diplomacy and military affairs, and reporting in the first time breaking news in China and other countries.

Leaders' Activities:Covering Party and state leaders?major activities at home and abroad.

Personnel Changes:Being exclusively authorized to release reports on the changes of principal Party and government leaders at the local and central levels.

Xinhua Forum:One of the most influential BBS in China, the forum offers interactive services for its readers, such as discussions about important current events in the world and the exchanges of views on various subjects.

Government Online:Releasing in a timely way policies and regulations of the central government and local governments at all levels.

Universities Online:Opening display windows and columns for well-known universities in China, and covering major events and academic developments in universities and colleges.

Enterprises Online:Providing an information releasing platform, an image display window and market expansion service for well-known enterprises around the country.

Development Zones Online:Displaying high-tech development zones and economic development zones in China, and helping them solicit investors and introduce funds from other parts of China and the world.

While doing a good job in news reporting, Xinhuanet.com has been making full use of Internet to provide comprehensive network service for the central government and local governments at all levels, media organizations, enterprises, research institutes, and schools, etc. It offers the following services:

  Main services supplied by xinhuanet.com:

1. Undertaking to build websites for government departments, enterprises, media organizations and schools;

2. Offering total solution to networking information systems for various websites, government departments and enterprises;

3. Providing the service in network security, and network security training and authentication;

4. Providing 24-hour content updating service for cooperative websites;

5. Providing for governments at all levels, enterprises, medias, organizations and schools multi-media live-broadcast of important activities and the introduction of new products;

6. Regularly organizing experts on domestic and international issues from Xinhua News Agency to make reports on the current situation;

7. Offering all kinds of training on making information go on-line;

8. Providing national and regional video conference service.

9. Providing authoritative information and in-depth analyses for senior government officials, business executives and media leaders; and

10. Cooperating with the International Project Management Association (IPMA) China Committee in providing IPMP training and authentication service.

  Partners on Internet Research:
The School of Journalisn and Communications of Tsinghua University The School of Journalisn and Communications of Beijing University The Network Research Institute of Northwestern Polytechnical University

A major characteristic of Xinhuanet.com is to make constant explorations and innovations. In addition to texts report, Xinhuanet.com has been vigorously developing its audio-video services so as to display its news and information content in all forms. Its multi-media services feature a rich content, diverse forms, and appealing, vivid and lively programs. Netizens can browse text and photo news, and enjoy various audio-video programs as well.

Xinhuanet.com has been well received in the domestic and foreign Internet communities for its position, strength, credibility and rapid development. It has been praised many times by central leaders and departments in charge of websites. It now ranks first in many areas among a host of domestic websites. For example, it is the largest in terms of the scale of the network releasing platform, the amount of authoritative news items releases, the number of original news items, the quickest in reporting breaking news events at home and abroad.

On ranking of over 10 million websites around the globe, www.xinhuanet.com alone, one of the domain names of Xinhuanet.com has already been listed among the top 400.

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