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Operating Advantages

Operating Advantages

Organizational structure: Xinhuanet.com is operating under the brand new mechanism of "one organization carrying three names." The first is Xinhua News Agency Network Center, which is in charge of drawing up the overall plan for the development of Xinhuanet.com and carrying out comprehensive coordination and management. The second is Xinhuanet.com Editorial Board, which is responsible for collecting, editing, examining, verifying and releasing news items. The third is Xinhua Network Co. Ltd, approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company undertakes to expand Xinhuanet.com business and market operation.

In terms of concept

Xinhuanet.com gives full play to the Xinhua News Agency's advantage in having a comprehensive reporting force, makes full use of all kinds of social resources, and practices "five-link" news collection and editing process. The first link is Xinhuanet News Editorial Board, which undertakes to integrate, pack and release all the Internet news and information items of the Xinhua News Agency. The second, third, forth and fifth links are various editorial departments of Xinhua News Agency, 30-plus branches of the Xinhua News Agency all over the country, more than 100 subsidiaries of the Xinhua News Agency around the world, and resource cooperation partners of Xinhuanet.com, respectively.

In terms of personnel management

In terms of personnel management, Xinhuanet.com brings into full play the initiative and creativity of every staff member, and solicits people of great abilify from all parts of the country. Xinhuanet's principle on using employees is to seek people of ability at all times, train them incessantly, boldly use them and never treat them unfairly.

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