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Xinhuanet..com consistent principle is to persist in giving top priority to national interests, unswervingly uphold correct guidance to public opinion and safeguard the authenticity, authoritativeness and objectivity of news reporting. "Making Xinhuanet.com more influential and bigger as soon as possible" is the ardent expectation of the Party Central Committee on Xinhuanet.com. Never resting on success and keeping growing are the requirements posed by Leading Party Group of the Xinhua News Agency. Keeping pace with the times and seeking the outstanding are the consensus of all Xinhuanet.com employees.

The network is infinite, so is competition. Maintaining the concept of keeping pace with the times and working hard to achieve success, Xinhuanet.com will continue to develop vigorously, boldly make innovations and make steady progress. It will bear in mind its duties and tasks, and make every possible effort to fulfill the historical mission of "publicizing China and reporting the world" and scale new heights in the network field.

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