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Trial operation of Three Gorges generating unit ends
  The trial operation of the first power generating unit of China's Three Gorges Project was completed successfully on Monday, beginning generating power for power grids.
Algae fossil betrays time secret of 1.3 billion years ago
  Some 1.3 billion years ago, a year had 540 days and 13 to 14 months, a month had 42 days and a day had nearly 15 hours.
Int'l public health experts briefed on SARS in HK
  The Public Health Group of the SARS Expert Committee got an overview of the Hong Kong outbreak in meetings with government and Hospital Authority officials Monday.
China to manufacture feeder planes with own property rights
  A new entirely Chinese designed aircraft, the ARJ-21, will be put into service for feeder flights in 2007.
Trial operation of Three Gorges generating unit ends ( 07/07-23:53)
China sets goals for forestry development by 2050 ( 07/07-22:57)
Algae fossil betrays time secret of 1.3 billion years ago (Part Two) ( 07/07-20:22)
Algae fossil betrays time secret of 1.3 billion years ago ( 07/07-20:21)
Int'l public health experts briefed on SARS in HK ( 07/07-19:56)
Artificial rain eases drought in Beijing ( 07/07-14:41)
China to manufacture feeder planes with own property rights ( 07/07-11:09)
Nanjing subway trains to apply driverless technologies ( 07/07-11:02)
Anhui to host national seminar, fair on agricultural technology ( 07/05-22:27)
International experts to review SARS outbreaks in HK ( 07/05-17:23)
China's oldest cataract patient regains eyesight ( 07/05-11:14)
Measures taken in Inner Mongolia to prevent Yellow River from drying up ( 07/04-23:01)
Chinese scientists encouraged to bid for EC SARS research fund ( 07/04-21:36)
Sixth Beijing international expo to showcase quality ( 07/04-17:52)
World's longest-necked dinosaur never raised head high: scientists (Part Two) ( 07/04-10:57)
World's longest-necked dinosaur never raised head high: scientists ( 07/04-10:57)
China's Double Star to protect spacecraft against storms ( 07/04-09:43)
Huaihe River: new focal point of China's flood control efforts ( 07/03-02:03)
China to launch new communications satellite ( 07/03-14:07)
Flood diverted in east China to ease threat ( 07/03-05:48)
Guangdong's last SARS patients discharged from hospital ( 07/03-05:48)
Beijing drafts new sky-cleaning plan for 2008 Olympics ( 07/03-05:48)
China sets up task force for PDP standards ( 07/02-18:24)
Completed sections of Qinghai-Tibet railway pass quality check ( 07/02-10:54)
Vice-Governor: Encephalitis B in Guangdong under control ( 07/02-10:32)
Construction on power plant starts in Inner Mongolia ( 07/01-02:15)
Major power plant starts construction ( 07/01-23:11)
Digital pay television debuts in Shanghai ( 07/01-20:58)
Shanghai enthusiastically embraces new technology ( 07/01-18:07)
China's first exhibition of anti-SARS technology opens ( 07/01-17:48)
Beijing to set up base for headquarters of high-tech enterprises ( 07/01-17:28)
Major hurdles in Qinghai-Tibet railway construction surmounted ( 07/01-09:11)
China develops emostatic sponge ( 07/01-09:10)
"Ape-like animal" spotted in central China ( 06/30-11:21)
China to promote knowledge of science among the public ( 06/30-10:59)
"Antibiotics-free" pig fodder invented in Shanghai ( 06/30-10:57)
Chinese farmers to have technical certificates ( 06/29-13:14)
China develops high-end optical fiber ( 06/29-12:44)
China's first aviation design research institute founded ( 06/28-21:13)
China develops easy-to-grow rice variety ( 06/27-18:13)
6th Beijing int'l high-tech expo scheduled for September ( 06/26-23:08)
Indian PM calls for strengthened IT cooperation with China ( 06/26-19:30)
China implements first revenue policy favoring science popularization ( 06/26-18:54)
China's first high-caliber airforce pilots begin service ( 06/26-15:34)
Heart, lung transplants conducted in central China ( 06/25-23:10)
Chinese medicine better used in HK to treat SARS: academic ( 06/25-22:43)
HK makes good progress on use of Chinese medicine during SARS period: academic ( 06/25-21:18)
China's anti-SARS research to address three problems ( 06/25-19:00)
China's first passenger-only railway to open on July 1 ( 06/24-19:57)
China to build nuclear-powered desalinator project ( 06/24-17:24)
China's IT giant aims to raise international profile ( 06/24-14:23)
Civet link with SARS virus still ambiguous ( 06/23-09:26)
Ancient rice wine found in West China city ( 06/21-09:41)
Earthquake in Chile detected ( 06/20-01:22)
HK scientist warns against possible return of SARS ( 06/20-20:02)
S. China city to stage int'l plastics expo ( 06/20-17:41)
1,000-year-old maidenhair tree found in S. China ( 06/20-10:36)
China develops painkiller effective for 4 months ( 06/19-00:18)
Research finds no SARS virus on civet cats ( 06/19-19:25)
Chinese doctors nurture in vitro embryonic human heart for 13 days ( 06/19-16:37)
Expert: China's Mars probe "years away" ( 06/19-09:46)
China sees increase in IT application to manufacturing ( 06/18-23:57)
Fifth Int'l high-tech fair to go ahead as scheduled ( 06/18-18:37)
Three Gorges Project uses advanced monitoring system ( 06/18-15:35)
Three Gorges Project well braced for possible major flooding onYangtze ( 06/17-23:27)
China's airport for locust control operational ( 06/17-23:21)
US-based eBay becomes largest shareholder in Chinese website ( 06/17-16:45)
China's sci-fi forerunner dies at 74 ( 06/17-16:21)
Natural chemical compound database to decode traditional Chinese medicine ( 06/16-19:27)
Sources of SARS virus still unknown: Heymann ( 06/16-17:05)
China builds world's largest ship lock ( 06/16-16:11)
Trial navigation via Three Gorges permanent ship lock successful ( 06/16-16:09)
Trial navigation signifies milestone on Yangtze River ( 06/15-23:26)
Artificial insemination widely used in breeding red deer ( 06/15-11:43)
Group photos: Three Gorges Project's first trial navigation succeeds ( 06/14-07:38)
Lower Mekong Basin, China to adopt standardized system for hydrological forecast ( 06/13-21:07)
Disinfected anthrax tombs no longer threat to Yangtze: official ( 06/13-16:24)
High-tech trade hits 77.89 billion US dollars ( 06/13-11:31)
Antibody offers way to diagnose SARS ( 06/13-09:09)
China makes paper with ore powder ( 06/13-08:23)
Flood warnings as heavy rains forecast ( 06/12-23:10)
Navigation on Yangtze's middle reaches returns to normal ( 06/12-23:06)
Water quality stable at Three Gorges after water storage ( 06/12-22:59)
China seeks new ways to tackle soil erosion ( 06/12-22:53)
Hong Kong takes measures to promote IT development ( 06/12-22:45)
Reservoir water quality to improve in two years ( 06/12-20:57)
China welcomes IT cooperation: Vice Premier ( 06/12-18:49)
Second heavy-water reactor at Qinshan nuclear plant goes on stream ( 06/12-17:08)
Preparations for China's 1st manned space on schedule ( 06/11-15:17)
Key gas pipeline crosses Yellow River ( 06/10-00:24)
Project starts to cut rail travel time in western China ( 06/10-23:29)
Three Gorges completes water storage ( 06/10-22:49)
Water level of Three Gorges reservoir hits 135 m ( 06/10-22:46)
Chinese bio-tech company works on SARS vaccines ( 06/09-17:46)
Chinese find cactus, dahlia useful for curing diseases ( 06/09-14:34)
Building of first microchip JV in NE China gets underway ( 06/09-13:51)
Building of first microchip joint venture in NE China gets underway ( 06/08-20:50)
Three Gorges electricity to illuminate half of China ( 06/08-15:58)
China builds its first, world's longest trans-oceanic bridge ( 06/07-22:40)
Three Gorges project can withstand devastating floods: experts ( 06/07-22:40)