Severe rainstorms forecast for central, southwestern provinces
  Floods, landslide and mudslide disaster alerts are in effect for central and southwest China's provinces, as torrential rains are forecast for the areas from Monday night to Tuesday.
Gas blast shakes residential building in N. China
  A gas explosion caused by refitting of home gas pipes left five slightly injured and two rooms damaged in Shijiazhuang, capital of north China's Hebei Province, Sunday evening.
Flood causes relocation of over 378,900 people in Anhui
  Flooding has caused the evacuation of 378,900 people in Anhui Province, east China, with 200,000 from the flood-stricken Huaihe River areas.
Vigilance required despite reduced rainfall on Huaihe River
  A senior official with the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said Monday that from July 6 to 8, rainfall on the Huaihe River in east China will decline, but flood preparation must be stepped up during the respite.
Water levels in Huaihe River mainstream start to drop ( 07/07-23:51)
More relief goods sent to flood-hit areas in east China ( 07/07-23:28)
Thirteen die in Huaihe River floods ( 07/07-23:20)
HK holds ceremony to pay tribute to health care workers ( 07/07-22:42)
Flood victims provided food, medical care in east China province ( 07/07-20:44)
Tour of Qinghai aims to become world-famous ( 07/07-20:16)
Ministry of Finance gives huge anti-flood, drought funds ( 07/07-20:07)
Flood-affected railway traffic resumes in E. China ( 07/07-20:04)
Severe rainstorms forecast for central, southwestern provinces ( 07/07-20:02)
Beijing to mark anniversary of successful bid for 2008 Olympics ( 07/07-19:36)
Gas blast shakes residential building in N. China ( 07/07-19:27)
Vice-premier calls for intensified fight against flood ( 07/07-18:41)
Macao calls for regional coordination against cross-border crimes ( 07/07-18:14)
Flood causes relocation of over 378,900 people in Anhui ( 07/07-17:02)
Vigilance required despite reduced rainfall on Huaihe River ( 07/07-17:00)
China's leading grain producer hit by drought ( 07/07-15:59)
Flood situation at lower reaches of Yangtze needs attention ( 07/07-15:49)
Urbanization drive accelerating in east China province (Part Three) ( 07/07-15:24)
Urbanization drive accelerating in east China province (Part Two) ( 07/07-15:23)
Urbanization drive accelerates in east China province ( 07/07-15:19)
China's second biggest freshwater lake on flood alert ( 07/07-14:45)
Road accident kills eight in SW China province ( 07/07-14:41)
Polluting paper mill forced to close down ( 07/07-11:27)
Beijing urged to revise town planning in post-SARS crisis ( 07/07-11:18)
Abundant rainfall enlarges Ebinur Lake in Xinjiang ( 07/07-11:15)
Civil aviation price hearing scheduled ( 07/07-11:08)
Dike blown up to lower Huaihe River water level ( 07/07-10:58)
NE China province on flood alert ( 07/07-08:35)
Dike exploded second time to lower Huaihe River water level ( 07/07-00:09)
Flood-trapped villagers evacuated in Jiangsu province ( 07/06-23:35)
Three killed in truck accident in south China ( 07/06-22:42)
Flood control remains tough at Huaihe River valley ( 07/06-20:56)
Over 200,000 evacuated from Huaihe River areas ( 07/06-20:44)
Rainstorm to continue along the Yangtze River ( 07/06-18:48)
Dike blew up to release floodwater of Huaihe River ( 07/06-17:14)
Endangered deer in Hainan island moved to new home ( 07/06-16:01)
Central Meteorological Station releases rainstorm alarm on the Yangtze River ( 07/06-14:29)
E. China province to blow up dikes for flood control ( 07/06-12:15)
Water level of China's Huaihe River exceeds record ( 07/06-11:28)
Coal mine explosion kills 22 in N. China ( 07/05-00:18)
Flooded railway from Tianjin to Pukou resumes normal service ( 07/05-23:16)
Torrential rains hit eastern, central China ( 07/05-22:28)
Sluice gates closed at Wangjiaba as water level falls ( 07/05-21:54)
China adopts compulsory examination for fishing boats ( 07/05-21:24)
More torrential rains forecast in Huaihe valley ( 07/05-21:12)
Taiwan to continue strengthen epidemic prevention work ( 07/05-20:43)
Well-educated family workers in high demand in China ( 07/05-17:17)
Locust plague threatens NW China province ( 07/05-16:55)
N. China province hit by drought ( 07/05-16:42)
Film rating system considered ( 07/05-14:36)
Chinese readers turn to self-help books after SARS ( 07/05-11:02)
China's first state-level bamboo nature reserve established in SW province ( 07/05-09:19)
Construction Minister inspects rescue work at collapsed Shanghai tunnel ( 07/05-00:49)
No major flood threat to mainstream of Huaihe River ( 07/04-00:39)
Beijing gives grand banquet to welcome overseas visitors ( 07/04-23:08)
HK public reminded to guard against influenza and red-eye syndrome ( 07/04-21:21)
First overseas tourist group since SARS enters Beijing ( 07/04-18:02)
Anhui province declares state of emergency in wake of floods ( 07/04-17:48)
Heavy rainfall forecast for northeast China ( 07/04-17:14)
HK seeks public views on regulation of medical devices ( 07/04-17:11)
Poisonous mushrooms claim 5 lives in central-south China ( 07/04-16:30)
Beijing-Kowloon trains keep running despite flood threat ( 07/04-15:20)
Two people convicted for ancient palace fire disaster ( 07/04-14:54)
Huaihongxin River starts to divert floodwater ( 07/04-14:41)
Road accident kills six people in SW China ( 07/04-14:40)
Central Meteorological Station releases rainstorm alarm on Huaihe River valley ( 07/04-14:08)
Beijing to hold banquet to welcome overseas tourists ( 07/04-12:34)
People in flood diversion area in Anhui evacuated ( 07/04-11:04)
Flood crest passes Wangjiaba of Huaihe River ( 07/04-02:08)
Heavy rainfall to add to severe flood conditions of Huaihe River ( 07/03-23:42)
Relief goods sent to flood diversion area in east China ( 07/03-23:42)
Huaihe River diverted for first time in 12 years ( 07/03-21:36)
Food poisoning kills 89 Chinese in January-June period ( 07/03-20:31)
More Chinese borrowing from the future to pay for present ( 07/03-20:30)
Chinese woman gives birth to quadruplets ( 07/03-20:12)
China to strengthen maritime rescue services ( 07/03-14:49)
Four die in rainstorm disasters in SW province ( 07/03-14:31)
Water level continues to rise in Huaihe River ( 07/03-14:22)
China to strive harder for clean water ( 07/03-14:15)
International flights resume at NE China airport ( 07/03-13:54)
E. China city gears up for int'l sculpture show ( 07/03-10:27)
Chinese shoppers buy up big on healthcare ( 07/03-10:15)
Flood diverted in east China to ease threat ( 07/03-07:18)
Beijing drafts new sky-cleaning plan for 2008 Olympics ( 07/03-05:48)
Water level rises on Huaihe River ( 07/02-22:36)
Most of this year's university grads in Shanghai find jobs ( 07/02-20:56)
Two killed in torrential rains in SW city ( 07/02-20:52)
Demand for mobile units in China is strong: Wavecom ( 07/02-20:42)
China protects rare aquatic species in Yangtze River ( 07/02-19:35)
E. China province strengthens employment of disabled ( 07/02-19:27)
China reserved on whale sanctuaries, official ( 07/02-19:22)
Beijing lifts cable TV charge by 50 percent ( 07/02-18:17)
Joint medical center to provide diversified treatments ( 07/02-17:17)
Sounds of music ease stress in Chinese court ( 07/02-17:06)
Guangdong's last SARS patients discharged from hospital ( 07/02-14:43)
China strengthens scrutiny over airline safety ( 07/02-10:06)
Another 25,000 residents relocated to make way for Three Gorges project ( 07/02-09:02)
Stalemate in Beijing's first sexual-harassment lawsuit ( 07/02-09:01)
Building collapses on Shanghai metro line ( 07/02-09:01)
China prepares for floods ( 07/02-09:01)