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· Chinese premier's Africa tour gains international praise2014-05-12 20:38
· Highlights of Chinese premier's Africa trip on May 112014-05-12 16:45
· China, Kenya sign co-financing deal on East African railway2014-05-12 09:12
· Chinese premier returns to Beijing2014-05-12 10:00
· Chinese Premier meets with Kenyan Deputy President2014-05-12 07:28
· Chinese Premier Li visits African branch of CCTV2014-05-12 07:29
· Chinese premier urges China, Africa to enhance media co-op2014-05-12 04:45
· Chinese premier wraps up "fruitful" Kenya visit with railway deal2014-05-12 02:52
· China, Kenya pledge to boost comprehensive cooperative partnership2014-05-11 20:21
· China, Kenya vow to enhance ties via concrete cooperation2014-05-11 09:48
· Chinese Premier, Kenyan President attend signing ceremony in Nairobi2014-05-11 09:20
· Chinese premier vows to combat poaching, ivory smuggling2014-05-11 07:46
· Wife of Chinese Premier visits women's organization in Nairobi2014-05-11 07:37
· Chinese premier vows to combat poaching, ivory smuggling2014-05-11 09:24
· China, Kenya vow to enhance ties via concrete cooperation2014-05-10 23:16
· Premier Li attends welcoming ceremony held by Kenyan president2014-05-10 21:04
· Chinese premier holds talks with Kenyan president2014-05-10 20:39
· Chinese premier holds talks with Angolan president2014-05-10 07:52
· Chinese premier, Angolan president attend signing ceremony2014-05-10 07:56
· Angolan President welcomes Chinese Premier2014-05-09 23:51
· Chinese premier arrives in Kenya for visit2014-05-10 02:42
· China, Angola to boost cooperation in infrastructure, agriculture2014-05-10 07:59
· Chinese premier calls for closer cooperation with Angola2014-05-09 21:58
· Li calls for early signing of China-Angola investment protection deal2014-05-09 20:35
· Premier Li visits vocational school in Angola2014-05-09 10:57
· Premier Li speaks at World Economic Forum on Africa in Nigeria2014-05-09 08:39
· Chinese premier eyes stronger consular protection for overseas citizens2014-05-09 10:11
· China, Angola to deepen economic ties: minister2014-05-09 07:30
· China, Nigeria to deepen pragmatic cooperation: joint statement2014-05-09 07:30
· Upgraded China-Africa cooperation to bring opportunities, benefit both sides2014-05-09 07:30
· Chinese premier arrives in Angola for visit2014-05-09 03:29
· Premier Li vows to earmark over half of China's foreign aid for Africa without preconditions2014-05-08 19:17
· Premier Li says China has solid foundation of sustained growth2014-05-08 19:17
· China, Africa devoted to deepening cooperation2014-05-08 13:09
· Premier Li's visit to cement China-Angola strategic partnership2014-05-08 18:54
· Chinese, Nigerian leaders meet on bilateral ties2014-05-08 03:12
· Chinese premier, Nigerian president attend press conference2014-05-08 08:39
· Premier Li Keqiang and wife attend welcoming ceremony in Nigeria2014-05-08 08:39
· Premier Li Keqiang meets with Tanzanian president2014-05-08 09:28
· China ready to participate in Nigeria's infrastructure projects: Premier Li2014-05-08 07:37
· China, Africa can overcome "growing pains"2014-05-08 09:29
· Chinese, Nigerian leaders vow to expand cooperation, upgrade ties2014-05-07 21:23
· Chinese premier vows to promote cooperation with Togo, Mali2014-05-08 07:37
· Economic, cultural ties "two wheels" of China-Africa cooperation: Chinese premier2014-05-07 09:47
· Chinese Premier Li Keqiang concludes his visit to Ethiopia2014-05-07 07:54
· Chinese premier arrives in Nigeria for visit2014-05-07 07:54
· Chinese Premier, Ethiopian President visit Ethiopian cataract patients in Addis Ababa2014-05-07 07:54
· Chinese premier arrives in Nigeria for visit2014-05-07 07:15
· Premier Li's visit to deepen China-Nigeria ties2014-05-07 07:34
· China, Ethiopia agree to further promote all-round cooperation2014-05-07 02:20
· Chinese premier meets Ethiopian president in Addis Ababa2014-05-06 22:02
· Chinese premier, Ethiopian president agree to promote ties, cooperation2014-05-06 20:17
· China-Africa ties to enter new era2014-05-06 14:12
· Chinese Premier visits light railway project in Addis Ababa2014-05-06 09:04
· Chinese Premier delivers speech at AU Conference Center 2014-05-06 07:49
· Chinese premier's wife visits Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia2014-05-06 07:32
· Chinese premier calls for upgraded version of China-Africa cooperation2014-05-06 07:32
· China, Africa reach consensus on cooperation on poverty reduction2014-05-06 07:57
· Chinese premier lauds AU's role in regional, world affairs2014-05-06 03:41
· Chinese Premier visits African Union2014-05-05 23:59
· Chinese premier proposes to upgrade China-Africa cooperation in six areas2014-05-05 20:53
· Chinese premier, Ethiopian PM meet press2014-05-05 10:58
· China willing to share experience with Ethiopia in an unreserved manner: Premier Li2014-05-05 11:24
· Chinese premier arrives for Ethiopia visit2014-05-05 09:43
· Chinese premier outlines four principles for deepening China-Africa cooperation2014-05-05 17:25
· AU chairperson to welcome Chinese premier at AU headquarters2014-05-05 11:16
· Destinies of China, Africa closely linked: Chinese premier2014-05-05 11:16
· China, Ethiopia ink agreements on economic, infrastructure cooperation2014-05-05 11:16
· Chinese premier's interview with African press gets substantial media coverage on the continent2014-05-05 11:16
· China, Ethiopia pledge to push for new progress in bilateral relations2014-05-05 05:32
· Chinese premier starts Africa tour with visits to Ethiopia, AU headquarters2014-05-04 20:49
· Chinese premier arrives for Ethiopia visit2014-05-04 20:01
· Chinese Premier Li leaves for Africa tour2014-05-04 09:21
· Chinese premier's Ethiopia visit expected to deepen bilateral relations2014-05-04 10:54
· Kenya says Chinese premier's visit crucial to east Africa2014-05-04 08:41
· Africa benefits from China's Growth: AU2014-05-02 07:42
· China eyes Premier Li's Africa visit to bring bilateral ties to new high2014-05-01 10:30
· Chinese premier to visit Africa in May2014-04-30 14:15
· Photo Exhibition on 50th Anniv. of China-Kenya Diplomatic Relation opens2014-04-28 14:57
· Chinese vice premier meets Ethiopian deputy PM2014-04-30 11:07
· Senior CPC official meets Kenya delegation2014-04-28 14:50
· Chinese FM meets with Ethiopia's top officials in Addis Ababa2014-04-28 14:16
· World Heritage: Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia2014-04-30 11:05
· Kenya to send 310 more troops to South Sudan2014-04-28 12:11
· Kenya to license new oil blocks after new law in place2014-04-28 12:07
· China, Africa good brothers, partners: FM2014-04-28 12:04