Commentary: "A community of shared future for all humankind" -- a Chinese concept winning U.N. recognition

The Chinese concept of building "a community of shared future for all humankind" was on Friday incorporated into a U.N. Security Council resolution for the first time, reflecting the extraordinary charm and vitality of the notion.

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Commentary: How China will win its war on poverty

China's model may not work in other countries due to different systems and development stages, but it may inspire the world that, as long as a government makes real promises and takes real action, poverty can be conquered.

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Xinhua Insight: Xi leads nation in pursuing Chinese dream in new year

China has entered the Year of the Rooster, the same year in the Chinese zodiac when the Communist Party of China (CPC) was founded in 1921.

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Spotlight: Xi's global vision -- a better world for all

The Chinese president's desire to forge a better world based on dialogue and mutual respect has inspired people from across the world. For many, his vision warrants a more rational and fair version of globalization.

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Xi-style diplomacy brings China, world closer with warmth, strength

Rooted in China's commitment to mutual respect and win-win cooperation in international relations, his charisma has become a globally recognized signature and knit his country and the world together more tightly.

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