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· Chinese president attends Sochi Olympic opening ceremony2014-02-08 00:49
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· Chinese, Russian presidents hold talks on bilateral ties2014-02-06 21:30
· Chinese president arrives in Sochi for opening ceremony of Winter Olympics2014-02-06 21:37
· Chinese president arrives in Sochi for opening ceremony of Winter Olympics2014-02-06 17:47
· Chinese president leaves for Sochi to attend opening ceremony of Winter Olympics2014-02-06 09:30
· Chinese ready to perform their best in Sochi: Official2014-02-05 05:20
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· Sochi promises to face any emergency2014-02-01 21:46
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· China tipped to win four gold medals at Sochi Winter Olympics2014-01-10 07:11
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· Chinese, Japanese leaders won't meet on Olympic sidelines: FM2014-01-21 18:10
· Xi's trip to Sochi supports Olympics, boosts China-Russia ties2014-01-21 15:28
· Chinese President Xi to attend Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony2014-01-20 10:14