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· Interview: Bandung spirit still has strong vitality: Indonesian expert2015-04-28 09:24
· Interview: China's friendship award recognizes efforts in promoting Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence: Pakistani senator2015-04-25 09:08
· Xi's trip to Pakistan, Indonesia embodies concepts of community of common destiny, new type int'l ties: FM2015-04-24 23:23
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· Chinese president wraps up Indonesia trip2015-04-24 15:17
· Bandung Message signed to revitalize Asian-African partnership2015-04-24 12:02
· Spotlight: Historic Bandung Spirit inspires modern Asia-Africa cooperation2015-04-24 11:07
· Xi joins Asian, African leaders in Bandung commemorative walk2015-04-24 11:02
· President Xi's three-point proposal to bring prosperity to Asian, African nations: Pakistani expert2015-04-24 11:02
· Backgrounder: Bandung, host city of Asia-African Conference in 19552015-04-24 09:42
· Commemoration of Asian-African Conference held in Bandung2015-04-24 08:05
· China offers helping hand to those in need2015-04-23 23:01
· Bandung spirit renewal "sensible" in era of economic interdependence: expert2015-04-23 21:16
· Bandung Message pledges to tackle transnational crime, terrorism2015-04-23 20:51
· Asian, African leaders call for closer economic interactions2015-04-23 20:51
· Asian-African summit concludes with adoption of 3 documents, focuses on NAASP2015-04-23 20:46
· Asian-African summit concludes with adoption of 3 documents, focuses on NAASP2015-04-23 20:26
· Asian-African leaders welcome China's initiatives to promote intercontinental cooperation2015-04-23 20:16
· Indonesian president says Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank boosts infrastructure funding2015-04-23 19:30
· Asian-African summit concludes with three documents2015-04-23 18:25
· China pledges support for Zimbabwe's development2015-04-23 16:40
· Indonesia, China committed to infrastructure cooperation: Indonesian spokesman2015-04-23 16:25
· Commentary: Asian-African Summit witnesses China's willingness to share development opportunities 2015-04-23 16:00
· Xi calls for fair, balanced, all-win Iranian nuclear deal2015-04-23 15:55
· Chinese ambassador calls for reinvigorating Bandung Spirit, advancing China-Indonesia ties2015-04-23 15:55
· Chinese president meets Zimbabwean counterpart in Jakarta2015-04-23 15:51
· Chinese president meets Cambodian PM in Jakarta2015-04-23 15:45
· Indonesian newspaper hails China for growing with world2015-04-23 15:00
· World leaders convene in Indonesia for Asian-African Summit2015-04-23 14:18
· Xi calls for fair, balanced, all-win Iranian nuclear deal2015-04-23 13:50
· Iran hopes to promote comprehensive cooperation with China: Deputy FM2015-04-23 13:50
· Crossover: "Bandung Spirit" calls for solidarity, friendship2015-04-23 13:18
· China Voice: 60 years on, China carries on Bandung spirit2015-04-22 23:54
· Overseas experts, scholars laud Xi's speech at Asian-African summit2015-04-22 23:39
· China backs political solution to northern Myanmar issue, eyes boosted cooperation2015-04-22 23:14
· Xi, Abe meet in Jakarta on China-Japan ties2015-04-22 21:49
· China's efforts in promoting Asian-African cooperation hailed as constructive2015-04-22 21:44
· Xi, Abe meet in Jakarta on China-Japan ties2015-04-22 21:34
· Commentary: Abe's onus to free China-Japan cooperation from historical straitjacket2015-04-22 20:54
· Asian, African leaders vow to boost South-South cooperation2015-04-22 20:54
· China backs political solution to northern Myanmar issue: Xi2015-04-22 20:29
· Xi, Abe meet in Jakarta on China-Japan ties2015-04-22 20:19
· Iranian senior official highlights China's proposal to boost Afro-Asian cooperation2015-04-22 19:28
· China to encourage more companies to participate in Indonesia's infrastructure construction: Xi2015-04-22 19:28
· China's concrete efforts in Asian-African cooperation constructive: Iraqi official2015-04-22 19:13
· Xi meets Abe in Jakarta2015-04-22 19:03
· Xi raises three-point proposal on carrying forward Bandung Spirit2015-04-22 18:28
· China Focus: Belt and Road Initiative facilitates more opening-up China2015-04-22 18:08
· Chinese president delivers speech at opening ceremony of Asian-African Summit2015-04-22 16:23
· Leaders speak during Asian-African Summit in Jakarta2015-04-22 15:29
· Xi urges rich countries to abandon political strings on aid2015-04-22 13:33
· Full video: President Xi delivers speech at Asian-African Summit2015-04-22 13:00
· Xi raises three-point proposal on carrying forward Bandung Spirit2015-04-22 13:18
· Xi raises three-point proposal at Asian-African summit2015-04-22 12:43
· Backgrounder:Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence2015-04-22 12:28
· Xi urges rich countries to help developing world with no political strings attached2015-04-22 12:23
· Backgrounder: the Ten Principles of Bandung2015-04-22 12:18
· China to provide 100,000 training opportunities for Asian, African countries2015-04-22 12:13
· Leaders attend Asian-African Summit in Jakarta2015-04-22 12:16
· Xi urges rich countries to help developing world with political string attached2015-04-22 12:08
· Chinese president starts addressing Asian-African summit2015-04-22 12:03
· Xi urges to build new type of international relations on Bandung Spirit2015-04-22 12:03
· Backgrounder: Asian-African Conference in 19552015-04-22 11:28
· Asian-African summit opens in Jakarta2015-04-22 10:23
· Asian-African summit opens in Jakarta2015-04-22 10:53
· Chinese president arrives in Indonesia for Asian-African summit, Bandung commemorations2015-04-22 03:12
· Spotlight: Xi's fruitful visit leads China, Pakistan to closer community of common destiny2015-04-22 01:02
· Xi says increasingly confident in China-Pakistan ties2015-04-21 21:37
· Asian-African summit to kick off in Jakarta2015-04-21 21:30
· China, Pakistan will always stand together, move forward together: Xi2015-04-21 20:17
· President Xi meets with Pakistani president in Islamabad2015-04-21 18:48
· China-Pakistan friendship a blessing to Asian prosperity2015-04-21 19:47
· Asian, African representatives call for awareness on protecting oceans2015-04-21 17:31
· Sri Lanka eyes strong economic dealings with China2015-04-21 17:26
· Interview: Bandung Conference to take on new meaning: China's Ambassador to Indonesia2015-04-21 17:21
· Indonesian president, Palestinian PM hold bilateral talks2015-04-21 15:11
· China, Pakistan will always stand together, move forward together: President Xi2015-04-21 14:46
· China Focus: Project-oriented Belt and Road Initiative to boost China-Pakistan cooperation2015-04-21 14:46
· China backs Pakistan's constructive role on Afghan issue2015-04-21 14:11
· Pakistan is China's "dependable" friend: President Xi2015-04-21 13:56
· A peaceful, stable South Asia conforms to China's interests: President Xi2015-04-21 13:56
· Asian African Business Summit launched to boost partnership2015-04-21 13:46
· Interview: Bandung Conference boosts Afro-Asian countries' struggle for independence, says Vietnam's vice FM2015-04-21 13:41
· China firmly backs Pakistan's territorial integrity: President Xi2015-04-21 13:46
· Pakistan always stands at anti-terror frontline: President Xi2015-04-21 13:41
· Asian African Business Summit to help materialize Bandung spirit: Indonesian president2015-04-21 13:21
· China-Pakistan will always move forward together: President Xi2015-04-21 13:31
· Asian-African summit to focus on pragmatic economic, trade cooperation2015-04-21 13:01
· Asian African Business Summit kicks off to boost inter-continental trade ties2015-04-21 11:21
· Commentary: Bandung Spirit still relevant in today's world2015-04-21 10:46
· Singapore PM to attend Asian-African Summit2015-04-21 09:56
· Chinese president pledges to enhance inter-party exchanges with Pakistan2015-04-21 04:45
· Chinese president confers friendship awards in Pakistan2015-04-21 05:05
· China's Silk Road Fund makes first investment in Pakistan's hydropower project2015-04-21 04:20
· Urgent: China, Pakistan sign lucrative deals during Xi's first state visit2015-04-21 02:20
· China, Pakistan elevate relations, commit to long-lasting friendship2015-04-21 04:00
· China, Pakistan to deepen military cooperation2015-04-21 03:30