WWII Celebration
· Eurasian countries mark 70th anniversary of victory of WWII2015-05-10 10:41
· Xi attends Russia's V-Day parade, marking shared victory with Putin2015-05-09 20:15
· Putin calls for equal, non-bloc int'l security system2015-05-09 18:30
· Putin pays tribute to China's sacrifice in WWII2015-05-09 16:29
· President Xi Jinping attends Victory Day parade in Moscow2015-05-09 15:52
· Chinese President Xi Jinping attends Victory Day parade2015-05-09 15:52
· Chinese guard of honor parading through Red Square2015-05-09 15:39
· Putin urges to set up equal, non-bloc int'l security system2015-05-09 15:34
· Russia's V-Day parade begins, Chinese president attends2015-05-09 15:04
· Victory parade held in Russia's Vladivostok2015-05-09 14:34
· Soldiers take part in military parade in Vladivostok2015-05-09 14:39
· Victory Day Parade to be held in Moscow2015-05-09 14:16
· Backgrounder: China's participation in Victory Day parade at Moscow's Red Square2015-05-09 13:19
· Chinese president honors Russian WWII veterans with medals and care2015-05-09 05:09
· Putin says to join Xi in celebrating WWII victory in Beijing 2015-05-08 23:08
· Backgrounder: Basic facts about European, Asian battlefields in WWII2015-05-08 10:37
· Feature: Chinese servicemen to present well-disciplined, professional image in Russian V-Day parade2015-05-08 09:32
· Spotlight: Xi lauds contributions of China, Russia to WWII victory2015-05-07 23:06
· Feature: WWII veterans recall China-Russia wartime friendship2015-05-06 14:03
· Memorial ceremony in commemoration of WWII 70th anniv. held in Berlin2015-05-02 18:50
· Slovenian FM to attend WWII celebration in Moscow2015-05-01 01:44
· Citizens protest against museum's removing of exhibits on Japanese atrocities in WWII2015-04-30 21:44
· China's parade to mark victory of WWII beyond reproach: defense ministry2015-04-30 20:39
· China Focus: Russian WWII soldiers' remains found in Heilongjiang2015-04-30 19:09
· News Analysis: Abe tests water for August WWII 70th anniversary speech in U.S. visit2015-04-30 11:28
· Abe not to attend Russian WWII ceremony: gov't spokesman2015-04-28 17:44
· British queen to attend service to mark 70th anniversary of WWII Victory in Europe2015-04-28 06:08
· Chinese servicemen arrive in Moscow to participate in WWII celebrations2015-04-25 23:34
· Russia declares wide amnesty ahead of WWII victory celebration2015-04-24 22:43
· China and Russia to start search for Soviet soldiers' remains2015-04-23 16:25
· News Analysis: Abe's tepid offering of remorse at Asian-African summit bad omen for WWII anniversary statement2015-04-23 01:04
· Museum debuts Japanese WWII surrender photos in C China2015-04-19 13:17
· Japanese WWII surrender video debuted at China museum2015-04-18 19:42