· SCO starts expansion, ratifies 10-year development strategy2015-07-11 03:16
· Russia hopes SCO to become international platform: Putin2015-07-11 02:46
· China welcomes SCO expansion, calls for upholding "Shanghai Spirit"2015-07-11 01:41
· Putin expects Chinese firms to make "significant contribution" to Russia's Siberia, Far East2015-07-10 23:26
· Chinese president meets Afghan counterpart in Russia2015-07-10 18:45
· President Xi meets with Uzbekistan's president in Ufa2015-07-10 18:30
· Ufa summit marks entry into forces of NDB, CRA2015-07-10 05:09
· Xi urges BRICS, SCO, EEU to cooperate for people's welfare2015-07-10 03:19
· Xi urges business community to contribute to BRICS economic development2015-07-09 22:43
· China, Russia, Mongolia hold trilateral summit2015-07-09 22:08
· China-Brazil ties develop vigorously: Xi2015-07-10 01:13
· Xi voices confidence in BRICS future, proposes deepening partnership2015-07-10 04:54
· Chinese president attends BRICS summit in Russia's Ufa2015-07-09 15:42
· Chinese president meets with South African president in Ufa2015-07-09 16:10
· Xi urges China, Russia to maintain high-level coordination within SCO2015-07-09 03:56
· Chinese president meets Indian PM ahead of multilateral summits2015-07-08 23:10
· Chinese president arrives in Russia for BRICS, SCO summits2015-07-08 17:09
· Chinese president urges BRICS to boost coordination2015-07-04 15:51
· Chinese president attends sixth BRICS summit2015-07-04 15:55
· Xi says China values SCO's role in regional security, development2015-07-04 15:44
· Chinese PM: SCO plays key role in keeping peace, stability in Eurasia2015-07-04 15:28
· China pins high hope on Shanghai Cooperation Organization's Ufa summit2015-07-04 15:00
· China seeks to advance growth in defense, security cooperation among SCO member states2015-07-03 15:21
· Chinese president proposes closer, more solid BRICS partnership2014-07-16 14:22
· China, Kazakhstan vow enhanced cooperation through silk road initiative2015-07-03 15:20
· BRICS to establish development bank, reserve arrangement2014-07-16 03:52