Spanish rescuers try to find boy trapped in well

Source: Xinhua| 2019-01-20 19:27:32|Editor: mmm
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MADRID, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- Rescuers are trying to find a two-year-old boy who has been stuck in a narrow well for a week in southern Spain.

Drilling machines are excavating a tunnel parallel to the narrow well, according to local media.

The boy named Julen Rosello fell down a waterhole more than 100 meters deep with a 25-centimeter wide opening on Jan. 13 during a family outing in the countryside of Malaga.

The rescue mission has been slowed down by the rocky terrain, according to the local government office in Malaga.

Maria Gamez, the Spanish government's representative in Malaga province, tweeted that the tunnel has been drilled 33 meters deep and preparations have been made for the final stage of the rescue.

After the excavation of the tunnel, rescuers would be lowered down in a metal capsule in order to dig a passage to the approximate position of the boy and reach him safely.

There has been no contact with the boy after he fell down the well and blockage 70 meters down the well makes it impossible to deliver food and water to the child. The rescue team on Wednesday found a hair sample that matched Rosello's DNA deep inside the well.

The whole country has been following the progress of the rescue mission, while netizens around the world are praying for the boy.