Britain's relationship with China is more important than ever as the country is negotiating its departure from the European Union (EU), said Britain's Lord Mayor of London Andrew Parmley in a recent interview with Xinhua.

With accesses controlled by 200 private security agents posted on 36 security checkpoints and 130 municipal police officers mobilized, the 133rd edition of the Nice Carnival opened in a less warm atmosphere.

As its ties with its largest trade partner the United States are becoming increasingly uncertain, the European Union (EU), relying on international trade to keep its economic recovery on track, is looking to China.

A beige mini-bus ground to a halt at the entrance of some hutongs near Beijing's Lama Temple at dusk one evening last October, discharging a group of British passengers and a caravan of luggage. Exhausted after an arduous journey to China's capital, the travelers were nevertheless cheerful and excited.

A former head of the British Royal Navy and one of the best known British army chiefs had been unwittingly dragged into an anti-China campaign by a London think tank being paid by the Japanese government, it was reported Sunday.