Spotlight: Countries turn to cement cultural, economic ties as Ancient Civilization Forum opens

China launches "China-CEE Institute" think tank in Hungary

04-25 09:35

The China-CEE Institute was launched here on Monday, which is China's first think tank independently registered in Europe.

Interview: French voters do not want to break with Europe: expert

04-25 09:10

The first round of voting placed Emmanuel Macron, a pro-European centrist and newcomer, at the top of the results, an outcome which Jean-Dominique Giuliani, president of the Robert Schuman Foundation, considered a sign of French belief in Europe.

Spanish politician resigns over alleged corruption links

04-25 09:10

Esperanza Aguirre, a Spanish politician and spokesperson for the People's Party, resigned on Monday at the Madrid Town Hall as a result of her alleged close links to an ongoing corruption investigation.

Denmark launches science festival for wider public engagement

04-25 09:10

Denmark launched a week-long science festival on Monday aimed at celebrating the fundamental element of research and establishing a meeting place between researchers and the general public.