Spotlight: Europe shocked by Brexit, integration in setback
Spotlight: Europe shocked by Brexit, integration in setback
The Leave camp won Britain's Brexit referendum on Friday morning by obtaining nearly 52 percent of ballots, pulling the country out of the 28-nation European Union (EU) after its 43-year membership.
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Spotlight: SCO leaders vow to lift cooperation to "qualitatively new level"
06-25 08:37
Leaders of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) vowed on Friday to raise the regional cooperation to a qualitatively new level.
Interview: SCO alingment of regional cooperation with "Belt and Road" Initiative -- Chinese Commerce Minister
06-25 08:38
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will enter a new phase of aligning regional economic cooperation with fulfillment of the "Belt and Road" initiative, on the basis of great contribution in the past, a senior Chinese official said here Thursday.
Xinhua Insight: Land prices in major China cities go soaring
06-25 08:38
What does it take to buy one fifth of China's largest property developer and become its single largest shareholder?
News Analysis: Mutual trust, common interests define, stimulate China-Russia ties
06-25 08:38
Russian President Vladimir Putin will come to China Saturday for a high-profile state visit as China and Russia celebrate the rich legacy of 25 years of diplomatic ties and 20 years of comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination.
China Focus: Anti-graft inspections on track to cover all fronts
06-24 08:51
Following the launch of a new round of inspections targeting 32 state entities on Wednesday, the top anti-graft authority moved one step closer to its goal to cover all fronts in its sweeping anti-corruption campaign.
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