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View of Songwoldong fairytale town in Incheon
Liu Yan "portrays" princess of desert
54th IFA consumer electronics fair kicks off in Berlin
Lovely Joe Chen poses for new fashion shoots
100th anniversary of master Tibetan painter
Facial hair contest in England
Vincent Piazza talks about his last stroll on the 'Boardwalk Empire'
French artist's exhibition "Life in a Painting" kicks off in Beijing
Story behind China's female soldiers
Exhibition "Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous" held in US
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Will you buy the new iPhone 6 ?
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News Analysis: Anti-government protests prolong political crisis in Pakistan
Xinhua Insight: New momentum over China-Singapore economic corridor
China begins publishing Nanjing Massacre survivor testimonies
Xinhua Insight: Sparkling e-commerce sets entrepreneurship ablaze across China
Xinhua Insight: China remains magnet for foreign investment
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