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Chinese Premier outlines objectives and policies of new cabinet
- First session of 10th NPC closes
- Hu Jintao pledges wholehearted service to nation
- Wu Bangguo: NPC session successful
- Premier's cabinet nominations sail through NPC session

Premier preoccupied with rural areas, unemployment, poverty
Premier Wen says diversified ownership of banks a certain trend
Wen Jiabao pledges to reduce financial burden on farmers
UN Resolution 1441 should be honored

CPPCC session to conclude Friday
Delegation Meetings Open to Press
Group Discussions of CPPCC Members to Be Held on March 5 and March 6
Agenda of 10th NPC First Session draws attention

Past five years of vigorous development

Composition of 10th National Pepole's Congress deputies

Composition of members of 10th CPPCC National Committee

- Jia Chunwang elected China's top procurator
- Xiao Yang re-elected China's chief judge
- Hu Jintao approved as vice-chairman of CMC

- Legislators call for revision of law on compulsory education
- Chinese legislators appeal for peaceful settlement of Iraq issue
- Chinese college students closely following NPC, CPPCC sessions

Group Photos: First session of 10th NPC closes

New Premier meets press

Group photos: 10th NPC deputies from China's 56 ethnic groups

- Full text of Premier Zhu's government work report( Part One)
- Full text of Premier Zhu's government work report( Part Two)
- Full text of report on development plan
- Full text of finance minister's budget report
- President & vice-president of the People's Republic of China
- Central Military Commission (CMC) of China
- State Council
- Procurator-general of China's Supreme People's Procuratorate
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