China's parliament annual session holds closing meeting
Foreign Minister Li holds press conference
Foreign journalists cover NPC session
China's lawmakers to vote on final draft of landmark property law
President of SPC delivers work report
Procurator-general of SPP delivers work report
Chinese leaders join lawmakers in group discussions
Commerce Minister, central bank governor hold press conference
Third plenary meeting of Fifth Session of Tenth CPPCC held
CPPCC holds press conference
Top Chinese leaders join panel discussions
China's top economic planner meets press
China aims to rid dire poverty by 2010
Chinese leaders attend NPC panel discussions
Premier Wen delivers gov't work report
China's parliament starts annual session
Top leaders join CPPCC panel discussions
On sidelines of CPPCC session
Top advisory body begins annual session
Members of CPPCC ready for annual session
Journalists ready for annual sessions of CPPCC
Foreign reporters welcome ease in rules
Annual session of CPPCC to open Saturday
Delegates of "two sessions" arrive in Beijing
Top advisor stresses political cosultation
26th session of 10th NPC Standing Committee held
Premier seeks advice on gov't work report
16th session of the Standing Committee of 10th CPPCC National Committee held
Top legislator lists progress of NPC's work in 2006
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